UPDATE – Return To Rowing 29th August



Clarifying Statement on Fixed Seat Rowing

British Rowing has clarified the schedule for a return to crew boat rowing for the fixed seat and gig rowing community.

British Rowing recommends that fixed seat and gig rowing clubs apply the advice set out in the ‘Coronavirus Advice – Returning to Rowing’ document. As with all clubs, the advice should be used to form an appropriate risk assessment for the local environment the club operates in.

Clubs should base their return to crew boat rowing on the following timetable:

Phase D – from 1 August – No boats with more than two rowers, no coxed boats

Phase E – from 15 August – No boats with more than five individuals (Not inlcluding Cornish Pilot Gigs)

Phase F – from 29 August – All boats allowed.

Particular considerations for fixed seat boats are:

Wherever possible at least two metres should be maintained between individuals, however, where this is not possible during launching/lifting, mitigation’s should be taken such as wearing face coverings.

When in the boat, individuals should maintain the maximum distance possible and avoid face-to-face contact as much as possible e.g. avoid turning to speak to a crew member or stopping for prolonged periods.

We are coming back 🙌🙌🙌

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