Cornwall County Crews – Update

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Calling all Cornish rowers, coxes, coaches and clubs!


Here’s an update for all rowers and clubs on what’s happening in Cornwall about the rapidly-approaching National County Championships to be held on June 8th and hosted by Caradon. If youare a club secretary, please would you be good enough to pass this on to your rowers, coxes andcoaches.
This year, there will simply be a selection process in Cornwall. We hope in future to be able toidentify and offer coaching to our best up-and- coming rowers, but the priority is to win this onewith the best we’ve got.And right now we need to find the best we’ve got.
We need U-18s (under 18 on 1st September as for current U-16s), open and veterans crews, menand women in all categories.
Your Selectors are Martin Langdon, Ryan Watts, Jerry Crapp and Clare Darnell, with Mark Wherrysupporting.Selectors will be using every method they can to gather recommendations and nominations: theresolution made at the county meeting on 2nd November 2017 was that ‘Individuals may apply tothe selectors, clubs may notify selectors of candidates, selectors may invite applications.’
As you know, every crew has to be made of rowers from different clubs. But that doesn’t mean onlyone nomination from each club. Please, if Person A from your club has applied or beenrecommended for midships, don’t let that get in way of a different application for bow. It may bebow that the selectors are particularly looking for.
The selectors will be making their decisions as a team and those decisions will be final, based onwhole-crew performance. They’ll make every effort to give feedback on their decisions, but therewon’t be an appeal process.
Once the nominations have come in, they’ll be forwarded to the selectors, who will be in touch withrowers directly about how they want to organise things and the selection criteria they want touse.
A pro-forma for applications is attached with this update.  Cornwall Selection for Tribute National County Championships (1)
If anyone would like further information or details, please contact via, text enquiries to 07808 128835, or ring 01872 272372.


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