Gigs in the Final :: Some Statistics

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This is a list of gig builders who have had their boats in the top 10 of the mens Scilly final in the past 5 years.

I hope I have not made any errors .. if I have let me know.




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  1. Andy

    Interesting to see stats like this but i don’t think you can read too much into it. As long as a gig is kept in top condition, a well prepared club/crew can make it finish in the top ten. You also have to bear in mind the amount of gigs built by each builder, some will make one a year some two or three and the clubs who place the orders.

    • admin

      Hi Andrew, indeed you can’t read to much into these figures, as like you say, there are lots of factors they do not take account off, it is a very simplified look at which boats are fastest, but it is always good to put some facts and figures to pub gig chat. There is also no substitute to feedback from the rowers themselves as to how a boat feels, if it runs well, is comfortable etc etc. An interesting discussion. Toby

  2. jdstone1

    Agree Andy, difficult to read too much into it and a bit of fun. Yes, the well prepared club/crew comment is so true and the county championships are testament to this with the random boat selection. But at Scilly –

    * do the top crews choose Currah?
    * does Currah builds boats that really are faster?
    * have crews with Currah boats simply been better in the past 5 years?
    * do Currah boats work better the further west you take them?
    * do you need either a black or a white boat to win at Scilly?

    How about gigrower includes (or adds) on the pie chart the percentage of the fleet built by the builder at the time. Or even an chart of ages of the boats in the final as well?

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