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71 Comments on "Discuss"

  1. Rob Hayward

    Hello gig people
    looking for a camping patch please, my club didn’t book enough!
    Stuffed and want to go, please help;)

  2. Armand Pruymboom

    Dutch ladies team would like to join WPGC 2016, but without a boat. Which gents team is able to lent there boat for our ladies?
    Amsterdam watersportsclub “De Schinkel” team: Nieuwe Meerminnen.

  3. Armand Pruymboom, WV de Schinkel Amsterdam

    Dutch ladies team “Nieuwe Meerminnen” wants to join World Championships 2016 are looking for a boat.
    Is there a gents team who wants to rent their boat to our ladies?

  4. Corinne Stone

    Hi, has anyone got any accommodation they want to get rid of on the Scillies for the World Championships. We are 2 ladies from Looe Rowing Club that need somewhere to stay.

  5. We have a cottage available, surplus to our clubs requirements that is available for the two weeks covering the gig weekend. Anyone interested?

  6. Clare

    Does anyone have any accommodation and/or a ticket to get back on the Monday available….can get out but can’t sleep anywhere or get back! Thanks.

  7. Lucca Sharp

    Experienced and fit lady rower looking for an experienced ladies team to row with in the Scillies. I’m 22 and can row in any position.

  8. Mark B

    Two men vet/supervets from Newquay with no row on the Friday night, looking for any crew that are short. One stroke side and one bow side….contact me if needed

  9. Mark B

    Two men vet/supervet rowers from Newquay without a row on the Friday night, looking for any crews that may be short. Arriving Friday afternoon..One stroke side and one bow side…. Let me know if interested

  10. Lindsay Bryning

    I have a flight booked from Lands End to St Mary’s at 10.05 on Fri 29 April which I would like to swap to a flight on Thursday 28 April if anyone out there wants to change. (Skybus charges a £10 admin fee to swap – presumably for each ticket!).
    Anyone interested please email me at elbryning@hotmail.com.

  11. Rupert Eveleigh

    I’ve got a pitch for two to sell on the Garrison campsite, St Mary’s, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Contact me if your interested.

  12. Pete Chalkley

    Hi, have three Scillonian tickets leaving second ferry on Friday, returning second ferry on Monday. Shout if interested!

  13. Lynn Reynolds

    Hello lovely gig rowers,

    Welcome back from IOS 2016….

    Just to advise that under the events section Weymouth still shows as invite only. This is not the case. Our regatta is an open event off the beach, with full view racing in the bay off the shore.

    A great warm up ready for Swanages brilliant tribute event.

    Please contact our Club Secretary Kate Goodwin for further info.

    Best wishes and see you in the water


  14. Jezz

    If you have accommodation on St. Mary’s, can you help? Four clean, well behaved men are looking for somewhere to stay over gig weekend in 2017. B&B or self catering would be great, and we can be flexible about the length of stay, number of people, etc.

    Please leave a reply if you have anything.


  15. Jezz

    Four of us are still searching for accommodation on St. Mary’s over gig weekend 2017 (not camping). Please get in touch if you can help. Cheers.

  16. Dave Holt

    Looking for accommodation for the IOS 2017 as many as for rowers from Cattewater, Plymouth. Anything considered there are about 12 of us needing somewhere to stay. Obviously we are happy to break down into smaller groups houses or camping considered. Please email me at manddholt@gmail.com.

    Many Thanks

    Dave Holt

  17. Kathi Bauer

    Hi, I’m also looking for accommodation for 2 for the IOS 2017 – happy to camp or share house if someone has space, or if a room somewhere has become available.. If you have anything of know anyone, please reply or get in touch at kmbauer@gmx.net – Cheers!

  18. Sam West

    Hi all
    I have just booked accommodation on with Tregarthen’s Hotel on St Mary’s. You need to be quick as they only have 8 rooms left. Tel: 01720 422 540
    Good Luck

  19. Tom Larkin

    Hi all
    I’m looking for somewhere to stay Friday-Monday on St Mary’s over gig weekend 2017. If anyone has a spare room, or even just floor space, or they know of anyone who may be able to help, please let me know.
    At this stage, I’d take a camping pitch at the Garrison, but would rather avoid that if at all possible – I’ve had a couple of cold and wet years up there!
    Thanks a lot

  20. David Bray

    I have a one person pitch for sale on the Garrison camp site on for 3 nights Friday 28th ,Saturday29th and Sunday 30th of April please contact me if interested on 07837439127
    Cheers David

  21. Josh Smith

    Hi, I’m looking for a accommodation during the Gig Rowing World Championships next year. I’m part of a fairly new club in Dorset and for the last 5 years we’ve been camping. This has been hard for us as the campsite is far away from the beach and not everyone likes camping so each year we struggle to get people from our club to go. So the idea for next year is to find a place that we can have a decent shower and a warm bed without having to worry about if its raining or windy.

    If anyone has anything available whether its for two people or more could they please contact me by email josh1812@hotmail.co.uk

    Many thanks!

  22. David Parkinson

    Looking to find some accommodation for the Gig World championships this year 2018 from Friday 4th to Monday 7th inclusive. Fully house trained and willing to do some cooking! If anyone has something with a roof, then that’s great, but happy to camp as well. I see Garrison campsite on St Marys is saying it’s full, but if anyone has a pitch they want to sell on?
    Please contact david.parkinson@plymouth.ac.uk

  23. Nancy Averis

    Anyone planning on making their own way over on the Thursday / Friday by rib? Wondered if we could go in convoy from Penzance?

  24. Sarah woodcock

    3 lady supervets needed to join 3 experienced Torridge ladies in a Torridge gig for friday night – if you are within reach of Appledore for a bit of pre scillies training that would be even better. Contact Sarah at sarahf2607@gmail.com

  25. Fran Pender

    Our club needs 2 more men for vets on Friday night, and 2 men to also complete the weekend crew. Give us a shout if you can help us out. Thanks

    • Glyn

      Hi fran i am looking for a vet row friday night . I row for Coverack B and can row either stroke/bowside. my email is glyngwyer78@hotmail.co.uk. let me know sorry for the late reply ,Coverrack didnt know if there were putting a vets or supervets crew, but are now going supervets it would be great for a row.


      I’ve got one depart fri 4th 1.30pm, return mon 7th 5.00pm for sale £80 if you are still looking. Frank Airey 07876556540


  26. Chris Tomkins

    Am rowing for Rame in the Scillies but they have no men’s vets team for Friday night. Am looking for a vets team, normally row 4 or 3 but can row anyway. Normally race in Rame A or B team. Can you forward my details to any team looking for a vet on Friday night. Contact 07825993694

      • Glyn

        Hi Colin No not sorted yet I was going to have a word on the ferry or at the tunnel on friday ,but if you are still looking I would love to row for you guys . 3 is good. You can email on glyngwyer78@hotmail.co.uk or my mobile is 07561709738 if you want to give me a bell or message I won’t do anything until I hear from you. Cheers mate.

  27. Colin Campnell

    Help! Weymouth struggling to make up a Mens Vets B crew for IOS on the Friday night. Need 2 bow side rowers to fill seats 5 and 3.

  28. Jon wood

    2 Scillonian return tickets for this years championships
    We were sailing but boat damage means this now not possible
    Ideally Friday to Monday but will look at day either side
    Thanks in advance
    Jon wood(helford)

  29. Stefan Kent

    I am fortunate enough to be taking part in the Helston midday flora day dance which is a real honour on May 8th ( Tuesday) however I must attend the practice etc on Monday night.

    The issue is my return on the Scillonian is the 5pm sailing which is getting in too late.

    I have been on the waiting list for an earlier crossing since February but no success.
    Is there anybody out there or knows someone that can swap their early morning sailing on Monday for the afternoon sailing I already have.

    Please call or text 07534736474
    Many thanks

  30. My lift to Penzance on Friday (4th) has fallen through (taking afternoon ferry: 1:30ish) is anyone passing Wadebridge and has a space for one rower; could easily be outside main gates to Royal Cornwall Show Ground or anywhere convenient to you.

    Mobile: 07852 486197
    or e’mail: francis.crocker@talk21.com

    Many thanks


  31. Jen MILLS

    Help! 2, possibly 3 lady rowers need somewhere to stay for Scillies 2019! Does anyone want to sell a campsite pitch? I’d be grateful for any help. Thanks!

  32. Richy Penney

    Hello GIG WORLD.
    Hoping someone can help.
    Looking for a Friday 2 Monday ferry ticket or plane please. Much thanx in advance. Cheers all. Richy

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