GigRower Winter Training Camp

Proposal for March 2016

For some time we have been discussing organising a warm winter training camp in Southern Spain for gig rowers. Here are the headlines:

  • £750 pp inc flights, accommodation, food, drink, transfers and rowing
  • March time 2016
  • Almost guaranteed sun
  • Average temperature in the mid to high teens
  • Rowing twice a day
  • Get in one month’s quality training in one week
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Fully catered with home cooked food
  • Coaching support, video work, testing equipment and coaching RIB
  • Ideal timing, get away from the wet cold UK and help prepare for Scilly

At this time we are only asking for expressions of interest before we go ahead with further planning.

Are you, your team or your club interested? 

Please email: with your name, club, how many people you would want to bring down. We also welcome feedback on the package we have put together and if there is anything we could include or do differently that will make it more appealing.


Weather: The average temperature is likely to be in the mid to high teens, with mostly sunny days. We are looking at coastal locations in Southern Spain (the driest and warmest part of Europe).

Cost: We estimate that the total all inclusive cost will be £750 pp. This includes flights, accommodation, transfers, food & drink & rowing.

Flights: There are a number of local airports with regular cheap flights to the UK. We are not able to book the flights for you. The price above is based on an example of flying Easyjet from Bristol for £90.

Transfers: The price includes transfers for you and your crew.

Rowing: You will get to row every day, twice a day, if you want to. Once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Of course we can put together an itinerary to suit your club or crew, but here is a sample:

  • Saturday: Arrive on early flight, unpack, shower, lunch by pool then introduction row on the river. Cold beer, supper and early night.
  • Sunday: Morning training session, focus technique, lunch by pool, video feedback. Afternoon fitness row.
  • Monday: Morning technique session, lunch by pool, video feedback. Afternoon endurance row.
  • Tuesday: Morning sprint work, lunch by pool, afternoon sprint work.
  • Wednesday: Day off, but we are happy for you to get the boat out if you want.
  • Thursday: Morning technique session, lunch by pool, video feedback. Afternoon endurance row.
  • Friday: Morning Scillies long race test, lunch by pool, video feedback. Afternoon Scillies final sprint tests.
  • Saturday: Fly home


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Coaching: We are not able to provide coaching and so encourage you to bring your own coach. If you are a new club and would like us to recommend an experienced coach then we are happy to pass you some contact details.

Coaching Support: Whilst we can’t help with the coaching, we can support you. We will have our own RIB which we/you can use for video work. We will also fit the gig with various equipment to help improve/monitor your technique. This allows us to measure:

  • GPS – speed over the ground
  • Boat speed – through the water
  • Acceleration – during the stroke
  • Stroke rate – recorded for whole session
  • Heart rate – of each rower
  • Oar loadings – for each rower (TBC)
  • Video – onboard video of rowers and blades

This will all be available for you to download after the session and also take back to the UK with you.

Accommodation: This is included in the price. If you are a couple it includes a large double. If you are single you will be sharing a twin room. You will be staying in a large luxury villa. Facilities include:

  • Large outdoor swimming pool and sun terrace
  • Games room with table tennis, pool, games etc
  • Large bedrooms, luxury mattress and cotton sheets
  • Wifi
  • Laundry
  • Large Garden



Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 13.56.01 Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 13.57.27


Food: We will provide all your meals including:

  • Breakfast: Continental breakfast, fresh fruit, muesli, yogurt, avocados, cooked eggs, tomatoes, fresh fruit juice, frothy coffee, loose leaf tea.
  • Lunch: Sandwich picnic, fruit, nuts, water.
  • Supper: Main evening meal (meatballs, fish, casserole etc) with unlimited bread, salads and veg. Followed by fresh fruit salad, tea, coffee and herbal teas.
  • Alcohol: Sundowner beers and drinks are included, as well as one glass of wine per evening meal.
  • Snacks: As much cold bottled water as you want, fresh fruit, snack bars, nuts and berries.
  • Juices & Smoothies: Fresh fruit and veg juices, as well as green smoothies (on request).

Other stuff to do: If you also want to make the camp a bit of a holiday there is plenty else to do in the area.

  • Running: Lots of great off road trails
  • Swimming: Pool at villa, you can swim in the sea and large pools nearby.
  • Gym: There are gyms nearby.
  • Cycling: The surrounding area is close to some good hills which are great for cycling. Bring your bike for some great early morning, pre-row rides.
  • Massage and treatments: Available on request.


  • Can we bring non rowers? Yes no problem, there will be a reduced cost for non rowers. We estimate around £50 less pp.
  • Can we bring our kids? Yes this is fine with us. The cost (excluding flights) will be 50% off. It will also be up to the other members of your group to make sure they will be happy to have kids at the villa.
  • Can we bring our own bikes? Yes by all means, stick them on the plane and we can arrange transfers.
  • How many rowers can we bring out? It depends on the makeup of rowers, as we have a mixture of doubles and singles, but two crews will certainly not be a problem.
  • How many gigs are you taking? Just the one, we are taking one of the more modern plastic gigs. If we have more than one crew we will stagger training sessions.

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