Changes to WPGC rules for 2020

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The World Pilot Gig Championships is growing year on year. This is good for the sport but is beginning to create a problem of where to situate gigs and trailers over the weekend. In recent years, up to 35 have been situated on Porthmellon beach but this is not possible in times of high seasonal tides.

Therefore, it is with regret that the WPGC Committee has decided to limit the number of gigs for 2020 to 120 plus the Isles of Scilly gigs. This target, and the following rules, may change depending on circumstances.

The following selection criteria will be used based on the 2019 results.

1. Each invitation entitles the club to bring one gig for entry in any (or all) race(s). The invitation is to the club – not to a named gig. The exception to this is that all the Isles of Scilly (IoS) gigs will be invited.
2. For any club to be eligible for an invitation to the WPGC, the club must be in existence for at least 12 months up until the 1st April of that year. For example, for an invitation to be issued to compete in May 2020, the club will have had to be formed by 1st April 2019. This does not apply to clubs competing in 2019.
3. All CPGA-affiliated clubs will automatically get one invitation.
4. The current Private clubs, Penryn and Porthgain, will get one invitation each. New Private clubs will get an invitation at the discretion of the Committee.
5. International clubs not affiliated to the CPGA will get one invitation.
6. Each of the first 12 gigs finishing in the Final of the Ladies Open on Sunday will secure an additional invitation to that crew’s registered club.
7. Each of the first 12 gigs finishing in the Final of the Mens Open on Sunday that has not triggered an additional invitation to the same club in the Ladies Open will now secure an additional invitation to that crew’s registered club. For example … Black Rock finishes in the top 12 Ladies and secures an invitation to that crew’s club. Black Rock also finishes in the top 12 Mens but does not secure another invitation if rowed by a crew from the same club. If Black Rock is rowed by a crew from a different club and finishes in the top 12 Mens, this will secure an additional invitation to that crew’s club. If Energy does finish in the top 12 mens, this secures an additional invitation for the club if rowed by a crew from the same club which rowed Black Rock in the Ladies.
8. Each of the first three gig’s crews which finish in the top three of the Vets and SuperVets (Ladies and Mens) which do not trigger an invitation through the Open races will secure an additional invitation to that crew’s registered club.
9. There will be a wild card system which the WPGC Committee will operate at its discretion to allow extra gigs to be included to increase the numbers if required. The wild card invitations will be derived from Groups B and C in the finals. These will be issued to clubs who have not already qualified for an additional invitation based on the top 12 Mens and top 12 Ladies.
10. Special invitations will be issued to existing participating non-CPGA affiliated charities. The WPGC Committee will endeavour to accommodate other charities who wish to participate.
11. All requests to attend the WPGC will be considered by the Committee.
12. In any event, the maximum number of invitations per non-IoS club is three.

The full WPGC 2020 timetable is as follows:


1300 St Agnes Ladies’ Vets
1330 St Agnes Ladies’ S/Vets

1445 St Agnes Men’s Vets
1515 St Agnes Men’s S/Vets

1700 Nut Rock Ladies’ Vets
1730 Nut Rock Ladies’ S/Vets

1900 Nut Rock Men’s Vets
1930 Nut Rock Men’s S/Vets

0900 Nut Rock Ladies’ Vets Final
0910 Nut Rock Ladies’ S/Vets Final

1000 Nut Rock Men’s Vets Final
1010 Nut Rock Men’s S/Vets


1230 St Agnes Ladies’ Round 1
1400 St Agnes Men’s Round 1

1515 Nut Rock Ladies’ Round 2
1700 Nut Rock Men’s Round 2

1000 Nut Rock Ladies’ Round 3
1145 Nut Rock Men’s Round 3

1330 Nut Rock Ladies’ Final
1530 Nut Rock Men’s Final



Example of the selection process


The following example is for illustrative purposes only and shows the additional invitations (denoted by ‘Y’) issued to the named club based upon the 2018 placings of the registered named gig. A further placing of the same club and gig will not gain an additional invitation (denoted by ’N’).

This is in addition to the 80 CPGA invitations, the 2 private invitations and the 8 international invitations. NB. Each IoS gig qualifies for one invitation only. Therefore, the placings of St Marys “Tregarthens” does not qualify for any additional invitations.


*Messack was registered by Truro but rowed by Bristol. To qualify for an additional invitation in the following year, Messack would have to be registered to Bristol for this race. Last minute loans of gigs (eg after online registration has closed) must be notified to the WPGC Committee to avoid invitations going to the wrong club.

The results show 17 more invitations over and above the 90 invitations above. This allows for 13 wild card invitations to be made at the discretion of the WPGC committee. The wild card invitations will be derived from Groups B and C in the finals. These will be issued to clubs who have not already qualified for an additional invitation based on the top 12 (as in the example above). NB. No club will receive more than three invitations.

Based on the 2018 final, this gives the following results:


The above example does not allow for invitations to existing (non-CPGA affiliated) charities – currently, Help For Heroes – which would (currently) reduce the number of wild cards by one. The final four question marks would qualify for an invitation if clubs/crews pull out or do not register.

PDF File download; Changes for 2020

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