IOS World Championships 2020 – BREAKING NEWS

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The following information has been sent to us at from the IOS World Champs Committee regarding the champs in 2020.

The objective is to limit the number of gigs for 2020 and subsequent years to 120 plus the Isles of Scilly gigs. In order for this to happen for 2020, the 2019 results will be the first time that the following selection criteria will be used;

1. The Isles of Scilly (IoS) gigs will automatically get one invitation only.
2. Each invitation entitles the club to bring one gig for entry in any (or all) race(s). The invitation is to the club – not to a named gig.
3. For any club to be eligible for an invitation to the WPGC, the club must be in existence for at least 12 months.
4. All CPGA-affiliated clubs will automatically get one invitation.
5. The current Private clubs, Penryn and Porthgain, will get one invitation each. New Private clubs will get an invitation.
at the discretion of the Committee.
6. International clubs not affiliated to the CPGA will get one invitation.
7. Each of the first 12 gigs finishing in the Final of the Ladies Open on Sunday will secure an additional invitation to that crew’s registered club.
8. Each of the first 12 gigs finishing in the Final of the Mens Open on Sunday that has not triggered an additional invitation to the same club in the Ladies Open will now secure an additional invitation to that crew’s registered club. For example … Black Rock finishes in the top 12 Ladies and secures an invitation to that crew’s club. Black Rock also finishes in the top 12 Mens but does not secure another invitation if rowed by a crew from the same club. If Black Rock is rowed by a crew from a different club and finishes in the top 12 Mens, this will secure an additional invitation to that crew’s club. If Energy does finish in the top 12 mens, this secures an additional invitation for the club if rowed by a crew from the same club which rowed Black Rock in the Ladies.
9. Each of the first three gig’s crews which finish in the top three of the Vets and SuperVets (Ladies and Mens) which
do not trigger an invitation through the Open races will secure an additional invitation to that crew’s registered club.
10. There will be a ‘wild card’ system which the WPGC Committee will operate at its discretion. This will allow extra gigs to be included to make up numbers if necessary.
11. In any event, the maximum number of invitations per non-IoS club is three.



1300 St Agnes Ladies’ Vets
1330 St Agnes Ladies’ S/Vets

1445 St Agnes Men’s Vets
1515 St Agnes Men’s S/Vets

1700 Nut Rock Ladies’ Vets
1730 Nut Rock Ladies’ S/Vets

1900 Nut Rock Men’s Vets
1930 Nut Rock Men’s S/Vets



0900 Nut Rock Ladies’ Vets Final
0910 Nut Rock Ladies’ S/Vets Final

1000 Nut Rock Men’s Vets Final
1010 Nut Rock Men’s S/Vets Final


1230 St Agnes Ladies’ Round 1
1400 St Agnes Men’s Round 1

1515 Nut Rock Ladies’ Round 2
1700 Nut Rock Men’s Round 2


1000 Nut Rock Ladies’ Round 3
1145 Nut Rock Men’s Round 3

1330 Nut Rock Ladies’ Final
1530 Nut Rock Men’s Final



Let us know your thoughts on the changes below!

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7 Comments on "IOS World Championships 2020 – BREAKING NEWS"

  1. Brian McCauley

    Sounds to me that it’s time to move the World Championships to somewhere where there are better facilities that are capable of coping with the numbers of crews who want to Row. Falmouth or Plymouth would be ideal. They are much easier to get to, cutting down the time required to assemble and disburse the Gigs and also have no shortage of Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs. In Plymouth in particular there are much better opportunities to view the races.

  2. Ann Mold

    Hi I agree the Champs are the victim of their own success. They are the highlight in evert gig rowers calendar. Gig rowing is well supported by older mbers that often have the time and inclination to support the sport in many different ways. I would like to suggest the one separate long race be held before the vet champs exclusively for supervets. This would encourage the supervets and keep them training hard. (and towing boats, being on the committee, coxing and doing all those things a sport needs to Thrive). Just an idea…….

  3. Liz Murray

    I’m not sure how the selection criteria will work. For example, where will you need to place in IOS 2019 St Agnes ladies event, in order to go through to the next year? It’s also quite difficult to tell from the selection criteria, how many boats will have automatic invitation and how many places that leaves realistically, in the pool criteria for the other clubs

  4. Cath

    Disappointed with the new rules. Scillies is the highlight of the year and an amazing experience for new rowers the first time they enter. Rowing is one of the few sports that any age size or shape can compete and this sadly will make it an elite sport. It may also affect clubs viability as many people join up just for the Scillies experience. Sadly Time to move the whole event to somewhere that can cope and keep it to an event for all.

  5. Tom Larkin

    I have to say I agree with Cath, and some of the other points raised above. Whilst the Scillies obviously has it’s limit in terms of capacity, and the task of organising it is increasingly huge, this cap seems far too low and does I think send the wrong message to the less ‘elite’ rowers and clubs. Something has to be done, yes, but not this.

    I can see this move not just hampering the growth of the sport, but potentially sending it into decline.

    So many people row gigs because of the incredible opportunity to take part in such an incredible, unique event. A world championship, no less. Also, many people take up the sport because they have seen and heard about the Scillies.

    Some clubs will go from taking 3 or 4 boats to just taking 1. That is a huge change for clubs to have to deal with, and as has been pointed out, much about what makes the Scillies and gig rowing in general will be lost. The less competitive clubs, who will suffer the most, are every bit as important to the fabric of gig rowing, and indeed the World Championships, as the top clubs. Losing those boats and those B & C crews from the event would be a big and noticeable loss.

    Unfortunately, not knowing a great deal about the ins and outs of the event’s organisation, I don’t have any ingenious suggestions for alternative measures. But this just doesn’t feel right. Whatever decision is taken should not be one that could genuinely harm the sport, and I honestly think this will.

  6. Tony Ford

    Having had time to think this through, it’s seems the committee have made the best decision possible to sustain the event. Without making this hard choice the event would have grown to a level to be unsafe and would have completely put off people getting involved in organising. For 2019 comptetition will be extra tough as clubs vie for the limited places for 2020. Good luck all!

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