Tribute to sponsor Live Drone coverage at the World Championships

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St Austell Brewery have agreed to sponsor the live drone footage at this years World Pilot Gig Championships.

The CPGA (who now owns and runs have agreed that the GigRower team will provide a live stream of the racing. This is only possible thanks to the continued financial support from St Austell Brewery, who sponsor both the event, and CPGA as a registered charity.

Toby Budd, who started GigRower eight years ago is now volunteering on the CPGA committee as head of communications, said ”It’s all been a bit last minute but we will do our best. We have some great volunteers that have stepped up to help and whilst our equipment is a bit ‘Heath Robinson’ (the whole system works off a Trago Mills toolbox, old car battery and broomstick aerial mast) we had a good live test at Dartmouth Regatta a few weeks ago and had some great feedback from rowers. We are optimistic we can get some good quality coverage live on Facebook. When it all works it looks really professional but there are fifty different things that can go wrong so we’re doing as much testing and practice this week to iron out any bugs before the championships”

With the help of Smarthouse AV the GigRower team have built a mobile Wifi hotspot that is around 200m in diameter. They then use an editing app called Switcher Studio to pull multiple video feeds into a live stream, this will include drone, cameras onboard, gig cams as well as commentary, video adverts, b-roll interviews and graphics. You can see an example here.

The GigRower team will be working in partnership with the BBC team, sharing content, images, video and research to provide the best possible coverage of the event.

The aim is to provide live coverage of all the St Agnes races, and as many of the heats as possible. The GigRower team is keen to not just cover the top teams, but get live footage of the rest of the fleet as well.

Chris Knight from St Austell Brewery said “With Tribute now the official beer of the World Gig Championships on the Scillies, we’re thrilled that Gigrower will be able to show the event in a whole new light, bringing the races to life with live streaming from above. We’re proud to be a part of the whole event and looking forward to an amazing weekend of racing.”


We are able to pull video adverts into the live feed before and after races. If you would like to advertise your business in the live streaming video which will be watched by tens of thousands of people during and after the championships then email: [email protected]

You can see a video advert example that the GigRower team did for St Austell here


  • £250
  • 15 second video advert
  • Played at least 5 times during the championships
  • Includes video production
  • Video posted stand alone on our Facebook page during the championships


GigRower has always been run by rowers for rowers, and this live coverage is going to be no exception.

We still need help to make this all happen, we are looking for:

  • Video editors: Anyone that can use Adobe Premiere Pro to help us put together the Rower Profile videos (more to come on that soon). Basic video editing only.
  • Graphic designers: Anyone with a basic understanding of Adobe InDesign, to put together the Rower Profile graphics. All images, content and template supplied – just a matter of making them up then exporting the png files to Google Drive.
  • SLR Video: If anyone has an SLR which does video and has a good zoom lens we can pull a live feed from the mini HDMI port to show close up shots. Join us onboard with your camera.
  • Photographers: Hop aboard with us to take photos then upload them to Facebook with our watermark. We will help you sell them to rowers and load your camera bag with Tribute.
  • Old iPhones: We can use any iPhone to provide a video feed and want to get them in some gigs. If you have an old iPhone you want to donate/loan then let us know.
  • Guest Commentators: Join our main commentator Steve onboard and let the viewers know what’s going on. Steve has a broad knowledge of gig rowing and has BBC radio experience, but we are particularly keen to find competitive rowers who have done well at Scillies to provide a technical take on what’s going on.


Using our WiFi hotspot we can pick up a live feed from your gig. We have a pole which clamps on the seat behind your cox or on your pilot seat, on the top is a bracket for an iPhone. We can use your iPhone or lend you one, all you need to do is install Switcher Studio and then start the camera and we can pick up your feed.

See example here of Caradon A at Dartmouth.

If you are happy to have a camera on your gig please fill in this form.


Specific thanks go to:

  • Steve Lock (Locky): Who will be providing the commentary
  • Steve Strachan: From South West Sky Visions who will be flying the drones
  • Dan from Bennett Boat Yard on Bryher: For providing the video boat
  • John Starkey: For running GigRower day to day and being a superstar
  • Matt Dunkerley: From Smarthouse AV for advising and supplying the 4G router and aerial and WiFi pro grade repeater.
  • Jamie at Radio Cornwall: For all the hard work in previous years.


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