New Home & Boat For Newhaven Gig Club

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Things in life happen for a reason. At the time it may seem unfair and very upsetting, but in the end it all works out. Newhaven Gig Rowing Clubs members spent time and energy in doing up their little gig shed in Fort road, Newhaven at the start of 2017. Turning it from a dank, mouldy, dark cave to a nice light, mould free home, and some may even say beautiful (yes, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!!!). This then became home to Newhaven Regeneration group and Sea Wombles as the building still wasn’t fit to do land base training for the gig club. The Gig shed as it was known soon came a rather large store room and unfit for purpose.

The sea cadets came to the rescue. NGRC already had a great relationship with them due to the club coaches taking time out and teaching them how to row. They offered space in their HQ for storage and fitness sessions to take place. NGRC had a home again.

Alongside all this Newhaven Gig Rowing Club were also waiting on charity status, the marina where Gig Amélie was berthed was being handed back to the original owners. Things couldn’t have been more stressful for the club. Everything seemed uncertain and unfair after all this challenging work in getting the Gig club up and running.

Then 2018 was a turning point. NGRC received £500 from Aviva’s community fund, Charity status had been granted, and contact had been made with the new management for the marina. They were extremely interested in the club and wanted to know more. After the chair shared NGRC’s story and what the club does for the community they wanted to help. The owners of the marina wanted to know what NGRC needed to help grow, how the club can have their own regatta and how to help the community. After several talks Newhaven Gig Rowing Clubs committee had a list of what would be needed.

The letter was sent, and the committee spent time thinking wouldn’t it be amazing just to have them say yep we can help with a few of these. Time went stupidly slow but a day or so after the marina manager came back with news.


So………… this is the part where if you are not sitting down you need to!


The email the club got back said ‘We want to help you on everything…’ Oh my Days the committee was in party mode, what amazing news. So now you’re wondering what did they ask Barron homes for?

Well mooring for Amélie to stay the same. Mooring for seven stars Tribute gig from Club in a box. Preferably one on land, one in the marina plus the trailer to be stored on land where it is. Possible move in the marina to an easier place to get in and out. Then the big news …………. Barron Homes wanted to help with NGRC having a home, and a slip way to launch the gigs from. I know what you’re thinking and yes.

Newhaven Gig Rowing Club now has a home and slip way at the marina. Ok, that felt good to say so once more……… Newhaven Gig Rowing Club now has a home and slip way at the marina! NGRC have been given use of the end ground floor rooms (3 in total) at the marina office building. This will be shared with the Sea cadets who will be storing their kit there too.

NGRC have signed contracts with the marina owners and the Sea Cadets. Newhaven Gig Rowing Club hopes to be able to make full use of this space to its full potential. Cox training theory can be held there, ergo sessions, social get together, and just a place for a cup of Tea or Coffee after a row. NGRC will also be preparing for Head of the Ouse Race and have permission to use the land around the new home of NGRC to launch all boats that will be taking part. This year boats are limited but over the coming years we home this regatta will grow and Gig clubs from around the UK and further afield will come and row here in Newhaven.


Newhaven Gig Rowing Club would like to thank Barron homes for making this possible and believing in the club and the sport.


We would like to invite you to the Official New Home and Launch of Club in a box gig Seven Stars – Tribute on the 5th May at 15.30

Our new address is NGRC, Newhaven Marina office building, Fort Road, Newhaven, BN9 9BY

Seven Stars GRP Gig


So, things in Life happen for a reason. Time things may look down, dark and unforgiving but trust us there really is Light at the end of the tunnel.


Courtesy of Newhaven Gig Club

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