Poole Gig Rowing Club ‘Clean Up’

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Poole Gig Rowing Club has started a brand new initiative for 2018, which will keep rowers fit and help the environment.

Clearing plastics from our oceans and beaches has repeatedly hit the front pages throughout 2017, with many campaigns and initiatives being run across the country.

As they start a new year on the water, Poole Gig Rowing Club aim to make all social rows in Poole harbour a little more environmentally friendly with their ‘Eco Warriors’. They will be carrying a bin liner and cutting equipment in the gigs, and with the help of the crews they hope to collect as much debris as possible from Poole harbour. They will also be dragging a net behind the gig to collect debris, which will also provide resistance training at the same time. The first row of 2018 collected a substantial amount of waste, which will be continued throughout the year.

A fantastic initiative, one which other clubs may look to replicate to make our oceans and beaches a cleaner, safer place to be around.

In other news, Poole Gig Rowing Club helped organise a fundraising event in August 2017, which raised £2,000 by the club and the local Wareham Wednesday Group. The club ‘invaded’ Wareham Quay in the gig ‘Arry Paye’ and a sightseeing boat, creating quite the spectacle for onlookers. The event involved lots of people getting wet in both the gig and on the sightseeing boat, with some friendly fire along the way!

The presentation of the cheque and handover of goods to the Dorset Cancer Centre will take place on Tuesday 9th Jan 2018.

Pictures and article courtesy of Phil Oldroyd, Poole Gig Rowing Club

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  1. Lisa

    Great idea, can you give us an idea of what size, depth etc of net you are using and any updates (positive and negative) to help us replicate the activity. Many thanks

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