CPGA Tribute National County Championship – The Rules

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Tribute Cornish Pale Ale

The rules for the new Tribute National County Championship have been laid out in this online document, but are also reproduced below.


General Notes 

• The CPGA (CIO) is the governing body of the sport of Cornish Pilot Gig Racing. 

• The event is called National County Championship (NCC). 

• The event should be seen as pinnacle of CPGA racing within the UK 

• Full Member Clubs are those which have been voted into the CPGA by the other Member Clubs having met the full requirements of the Association, including ownership of a registered traditional wooden gig. 

• Affiliate Member Clubs have applied to join the CPGA and have been accepted by the membership, but not all requirements have been met to be become a full member. 

• The selected main sponsor will agree to make a proportionate payment to the CPGA to be invoiced annually. This will then be re-negotiated at the end of the three year agreement. 

• In return the CPGA will ensure promotion of the headline Sponsor’s brand at every opportunity via clothing, signage and social media where appropriate. 

• The NCC will be run under the headline Sponsor’s brand for all senior races. Where the main sponsorship might be deemed inappropriate for U18 races, i.e. association with alcohol etc., alternative sponsorship can be sought. 

• A trophy will be awarded to each category winning county crew 

• The main Sponsor will be given first refusal on branding to its Home Counties kit, dependent on where it is based (if applicable). 

• The main sponsor should have its logo on the left sleeve on any County kit produced for NCC races. 

National County Championships – Rules 

• Counties will be designated by the Local Authority geographical boundaries. 

• Any County with a full Member Club will be eligible to enter the competition. Should a County currently only comprise Affiliate Clubs then entry will be considered by the CPGA at its discretion. 

• Crews will be limited to one nominated rower from each Club in its respective county. Counties that do not have sufficient Full Member Clubs can select more than one rower from a single club until the number of eligible clubs exceeds 3, then 2 from each club until such time that there are a sufficient number of Full Member Clubs in the county. In this event the selection process will be monitored by the Selection Committee and CPGA on an annual basis. The use of members from Affiliate Clubs in the County crews shall be monitored by the Selection Committee and CPGA also. 

• Counties will appoint an independent Crew Selection Committee headed by a Team Manager.

Each Committee will comprise the following five roles:- 

Team Manager 

Head Coach 

U18 Selector 

Ladies Selector 

Men’s Selector 


• The Committee will; select eligible crews including coxswains and a traditional wooden gig for the race (not applicable for 2018 event). 

• Counties have the freedom to organise their own equitable selection policies and processes. These must adhere strictly to governing body guidelines on equality, diversity and inclusion and must not be discriminatory in any way. 

• Counties will be required to ensure that their policies and processes are totally transparent and published to all clubs within their geographical boundary. They must be submitted for prior approval by the CPGA and before any crew selections are made. Any subsequent revision or alteration must be approved by the CPGA. 

• Selectors will be nominated and voted for, as required, by the respective County Members Clubs and the appointments should ensure a fair representation of the number of Clubs in that county. 

• Assistant selectors and coaches can be nominated by Counties if deemed necessary if it means that all rowers receive a fairer opportunity to be seen and then assessed by the County Selector. However only the Selection Committee will select and rule on the final composition of the county crew. 

• All rowers and coxswains must be fully amateur and registered members of a Full Member CPGA registered Club and on that Clubs rowing register. 

• In the event of any disputes between the Selection Committees and rowers, the CPGA will act as an independent arbitrator where any decision will be regarded as final. 

• County Crews will be eligible to race at any Club regatta run under CPGA rules. 

• Counties will be free to organise their own inter-county regattas, including those which may assist decisions in the selection process. 

• The National County Championship events will run under CPGA rules. 

• The CPGA will be responsible for appointing a starter and umpires for a National County Championship event, in line with the CPGA racing rules and policies. 

• The course will be a traditional CPGA course (buoyed turns), of suitable duration and planned to ensure the best possible viewing for media and spectators. 

• The Host Club will be responsible for setting the course. 

• Host Counties will submit their choice of venues and dates to the CPGA by September of the previous year. (Not Applicable for the 2018 event). The event should ideally be scheduled between June to end August. 

• Host Counties/Clubs will also need to submit:-

Full Health and Safety Risk Assessment 

Evidence of full, Event Insurance 

Confirmation of availability of sufficient suitable safety and umpire boats 

Full details of the course layout. 

• Counties will be free to attract their own independent sponsors to support crew costs (kit and clothing) providing that the headline Sponsor’s logo/identity is prominently featured on clothing. The only exception is in connection with U18 crew clothing where the main sponsorship might be deemed inappropriate (as in General Notes above). 

• Sponsors will be required to supply or fund assets but Counties will not be permitted to hold sponsorship monies in their own bank accounts. Instead the CPGA will operate separate bank accounts for each County to hold funds on their behalf. 


• Men’s
• Ladies
• U18 Boys
• U18 Girls
• Vet men
• Vet ladies

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