Tribute to Len White by his daughter

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Len White, President of Appledore Pilot Gig Club, and a former CPGA representative, passed away last week.

His daughter, Julie says: “Len had a passion for rowing spanning back to his teenage years as a sliding seat rower with the local Bideford clubs.  His dream to see pilot gig rowing back at Appledore was achieved 14 years ago and he was delighted to see the sport thrive and grow in North Devon.  These past few years he was able to teach his granddaughter Caitlin and the club’s new generation of juniors to row pilot gigs.  A proper Appledore boy, his heart will always be on the water.”

Photo courtesy of Andrew Hobbs Photography


Poem by Kevin Pyne for Len

Neat long and strong


When we lose us a rower

The skies they’ll turn

Dull and gray

While the water that you

And they rowed on feels

Different in some way

And yet you kind of get

The feeling

That they are watching

Over you

As they go to meet up

And make up with their old

Mates for all of time

Other now invisible crews

But don’t you go thinking

Just because you cant see

Them they are forever

Now gone

Because they now row

With the great pilot where

The water is calm and clear

And catch drive and stoke

Is perfect and never anything

Save neat long and strong

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  1. Rachel Peters

    So sorry to hear of your loss, what a lovely poem,and how lovely that he has passed the rowing down through his family and shared it with the juniors. I will be rowing with Rame gig club at your regatta and will be thinking of you all.x

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