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  1. Dave Dawson

    Not sure if this is the correct contact point but is it possible for the CPGA to publish the number of over 60 rowers and to include a new class of “Vintage” or “Masters” run within Vets or Super Vet races?Athletic road and Cross Country events manage to do it so why not rowing if there is a high enough number of over 60 members?

    • Admin


      We have had discussions over recent years about age-related categories within racing. e.g. adjusting the age for Vets etc. I will pass on your comments to the CPGA as I am not sure if we keep records of rowers’ ages at the moment.

      Celia on behalf of GigRower

        • Admin

          No problem. I’ve now been informed that although we do ask for dates of birth if they’re registered as Juniors, we don’t have consistent age records for adults. Some clubs provide this and others don’t. We will bear in mind your comments for future.

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