Missing Regatta Trophies

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Mount’s Bay Gig Club are trying to track down the Cornwall Cooling Cup for U16’s, The Smock Shop tankard for the Ladies Vets, the Beckerleg Cup and Paul Rowe Cup. Please contact Jo via joannacottamdunk@gmail.com if you know their whereabouts.
If your club is also looking for any lost trophies, why not add a comment below and we’ll try to reunite them with you.
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3 Comments on "Missing Regatta Trophies"

  1. Cindy Covill

    What do other clubs think of all clubs keeping their own trophies and winners just getting a picture done with them at the Regatta? At the moment there are often missing trophies at Regatta , when clubs don’t return the following year to the same Regattas.

    • Gill Hutchings

      It should be up to the clubs if rhey want to take them . Print a sheet to be signed by the recipient stating which club they are from. The trophy then gets returned or the club becomes liable for the cost of a replacement.

  2. zoe payne

    I am sure we at Mount’s Bay are not the only ones who have quite important Trophies that are in some ones cabinet or cupboard . Perhaps gig rower could start a page and club’s trophy keepers could look through and see what they have.On clearing out ours the only one we could not find a home for is a silver plated cup engraved Wadebridge chamber of commerce ,The Barclays Bank Cup .Won by Roseland 993 /95 then Mount’s Bay 2015..24 years old but came to light for someone who gave it out again in 2015 ..any takers.

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