Scilly Race Timetable, course maps & Start Instructions 2017

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N.B. Coxes should attend the coxes meeting in case any of the following is changed between now and the World Championships.

Veterans and St. Agnes Races

The start line will be formed by the use of 5 equally spaced tall buoys creating 4 starting sections. The gigs will be split, alphabetically, into groups of between 20 to 35 gigs. Each group will be allocated one of the sections. The number of sections used will depend on the number of gigs starting the race.

When gigs arrive at the start they should wait, well behind the start line, for the starters instructions. There will be a 10 minute warning for the start of the race announced over the radio, followed by a 5 minute warning, then counting down the 5 minutes once a minute, ending with GET SET then GO.

Any gig over the start line after the 1 minute warning and before GO is  called will be disqualified.

There will be a boat at each end of the line and one alongside the middle buoy.

On board these boats there will be officials whose task it will be to note any gig transgressing the rules.

Race start times are as follows:

Friday night race times:
• Ladies’ Supervets. 17.30
• Ladies’ Vets. 18.00
For both races gigs must be at the start by 17.30

• Men’s Supervets 19.30
• Men’s Vets. 20.00
For both races gigs must be at the start by 19.30

Please note that anyone on the second Scillonian crossing will not be able to take part in the Ladies Supervets or Ladies Vets.

Please make sure that you have a radio battery or batteries that will last all day as you must have a working radio on
board whilst at sea.

Group Starts (Nut Rock to St Mary’s Races)

5 minutes before your start time or when the previous heat is about to start, move up to a position just behind your starting berth buoys. When the start line has cleared, your starting berths will be announced over the radio.
You will then be asked, by radio, to move up, between your berth buoys, to the start line which is approximately 2 lengths past the berth buoys. The flag will now be in the horizontal position. Gigs moving ahead of the start line will be asked to move back. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.

When the line is straight the flag will be raised to the vertical position and “get set” will be called on the radio. There will be a short pause before the flag is dropped and simultaneously “go” is called on radio.

• Any Gig rowing ahead of the start line while the flag is in the vertical position will be disqualified.
• Gigs must be at the area when their heat is called.
• Any Gig not at the start on time will be left behind.

The group starts are as follows:
• Ladies’ Round 1 Group Races 13:00
• Men’s Round 1 Group Races 14:15
• Ladies’ Round 2 Group Races 15:30
• Men’s Round 2 Group Races 17:15

• Ladies’ Group Races 10.00
• Men’s Group Races 11.45
• Ladies’ Final Races 13.30
• Men’s Final Races 15.30

The groups will be started at 5 minute intervals with the slowest group starting first.


Maps from previous GigRower magazine, for guidance only.



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