Clubs encouraged to take plastic bottles home after Scilly

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Debbie Smith, from Falmouth Gig Club, is hoping that all crews attending this year’s World Pilot Gig Championships will get behind a scheme to help ship back to the mainland all the plastic bottles we will get through at this year’s event.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, GigRower and the CPGA are happy to get behind this initiative and promote it to all gig clubs going over to the islands.

Debbie suggests that “each club collects up all the plastic bottles they use whilst on the island and transports their own club’s bottles back to the mainland in their gigs. This would save landfill or recycling on the Scillies, which is in short supply.”

Susan Antcliff, Deputy Freight Services Manager from the shipping company  said “We will be happy for crews to put a couple of bin liners of used plastic bottles into their gigs. This is on the understanding that it is only the water bottles and not any personal items or things that should be put into the containers to be carried etc. Also, We would like the crews to understand that the recycling will be travelling back in their gigs to their hometown and not taken out and dealt with at Penzance”.

Please get behind this initiative and spread the word amongst your club members.


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  1. Sue

    PLEASE think about using refillable sports water bottles! As a member of Widemouth Task Force I urge every rower to think about the beautiful environment we share, and stop using single use bottles!

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