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Dear Gig Rowers,

Following several meetings with the new Chairman of the CPGA, Shane Sullivan, I have decided to sell GigRower to the CPGA for £1.


I started GigRower as a simple blog in 2009. Since then, the site has had over 1.3 million visits.

Today the site gets around 250 visits a day during the week, and 1-2,000 after events and regattas. 50% of the traffic is returning, this equates to around 2,500 people a month checking the site on a regular basis.

Since 2009 we have published 1,710 articles and had 1,608 user comments.

Our Facebook Page ‘likes’ have grown to almost 3,000 and in the last 12 months we have had over 100,000 clicks, shares and comments.


GigRower has never been run commercially. In order to keep it running various volunteers have given much time to keep the site up to date with news and results and I would like to thank a few of them here personally:

  • Jeremy Stonehouse
  • Celia Fraser
  • Tommy Tonkins
  • Ryan Watts
  • Jowan Rogers

I must also thank all the rowers and clubs – we get nearly all our news, results and information from you guys. Please keep sending it all in.


GigRower has always been run by rowers, for rowers.

It has no agenda and always aims to publish content without bias or censoring.

If something is of interest to rowers, then we publish it.

Here are our core aims and values:

  • Keep the online events diary comprehensive and up to date
  • Publish results from events as soon as we get them
  • Help rowers and clubs that contact us looking for help or information
  • Keep an up to date list of all the boats in our Gig Directory
  • Keep an up to date list of all clubs in our Club Directory
  • Keep an up to date list of builders in our Builders Directory
  • Promote the sport where possible
  • Share all our news and stories on social media
  • Send out a weekly email newsletter with the latest news
  • We don’t publish rude or offencive content
  • We encourage debate and discussion about the betterment of the sport and the challenges it faces

None of this changes as GigRower moves across to the CPGA. If anything you can expect to see improvements.


About six months ago I got a call from Shane, he suggested we meet for a coffee to see if there was a way GigRower and the CPGA could work together.

We had a long chat about the future of the sport and shared our thoughts on racing, event support, communications, coaching, funding and a load of other areas of the sport we both felt needed attention. I was impressed with Shane’s forward thinking ideas on how the CPGA could support the growth of the sport and deal with these challenges. In short, I wanted to support his five year vision.

At the end of our chat Shane suggested that GigRower could do more good inside the CPGA than outside, I agreed.

This week Shane handed me over £1 as we signed a contract formally handing GigRower over to the CPGA.

So this will be my last post as the owner of GigRower. From now on I will be wearing a CPGA hat as I join their new structure.


The CPGA will now run two websites. Their official governing body website, will publish all the association’s policy documents as well as official association news, history and statistics. GigRower will be updated on an almost daily basis with news, results and articles as well as a comprehensive calendar of events and a directory of gigs, clubs and builders.

Advertising and sponsorship is available on both sites, or together as a package, so if you would like your business to be associated with the sport and get exposure in front of thousands of gig rowers then please email: [email protected]


In my new role I am keen to reduce the ‘communication gap’ between the rowers and the sport’s governing body. There are significant changes afoot and it is vital that rowers get involved in the process and have their say.

This week I shot a video interview with members of the CPGA committee. Our aim is to publish it in a couple of weeks along with a rower’s questionnaire. I STRONGLY urge you to take the time to watch the interview and give your feedback.

Cheers n gone,

Toby Budd

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5 Comments on "GigRower transfer to CPGA"

  1. Pat Morris

    Thank you forc the update. It is interesting to follow all the debates and am looking forward to all seeing all the challenges for clubs in the future.
    Well done all.

  2. Fergus muller

    Nice one Toby!! You gave gig rowing a brand & a professional feel. This merge with your input could take gig rowing to another level!

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