Car parking fines at Ladies Newquay Champs

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We have heard of a number of cases where rowers have been sent fines of up to £100 from a company called ‘Parking Eye’ following their stay at a car park in Tower Road, Newquay over the Ladies County Championships weekend last month.

Some claim there was a problem with being able to tap in the registration number correctly because one of the letters wasn’t working properly on the machine’s keypad. In that case they have subsequently been fined, even though there is only one letter incorrect in their entry.  Sarah King from Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club said ‘Two people in different cars at our club received a hundred pound fine. Both bought full day tickets which on the board says till 10pm and both left before that time.”

We’d like to hear if this is something which has happened to many more rowers. Please leave a comment below if you have had this problem and let us know if you have had any success with an appeal.

*** Update December 2016: This issue is rolling on for some people. Some have had their fines completely dismissed, some are now on their final warning, with a rejection of their appeal from Popla. Christina, from Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club has written in with a plea for others to help her final appeal:

Christina writes:

Sorry to be beating a dead horse, but we are still in appeals with Private Eye and POPLA with regards to the parking charges on Tower Road. We have been denied three appeals and have one last chance before we are charged £100. Like many of you, we paid £7 and arrived at 10:15am, leaving at 5:40 pm. We paid the appropriate fine but unfortunately paid in cash. Because we also had issues with entering the correct registration number, we have been told we didn’t adhere to the terms of parking there.
In the POPLA appeal, they have a copy of an internal email that states that “I have checked the machines and the old support tickets and can’t find anything in regards to a faulty key pad we have an attendant on site who would usually report an issue if he couldn’t fix it himself”
It would be very helpful if people would be willing to email their Private Eye Parking Charge Number to me ( to show this was a widespread issue. I’ll post the results of the appeal and I’m hoping it will be beneficial for all that have been dealing with this.


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10 Comments on "Car parking fines at Ladies Newquay Champs"

  1. clare

    three years ago I got a notice but I had paid and had gone back and added more time. I called and emailed and eventually sent a photo of the tickets that I had purchased. They withdrew the notice. Good Luck

  2. Sue Gibson

    Hi There yes i did, luckily i kept my ticket and Ive sent it back to them with my ticket….. My reg is NU53KWN, on my ticket it is MU53KWN, i thought it was my mistake – not sure if it still is or if this Letter wasn’t working ?? I did get a reminder y’day as well ??

  3. Bex Marshall(Bristol)

    I got a fine! I didnt have enough money to start with, so paid for 4 hours, as the sign said you could top up later. So topped it up at about 5pm when left and got a letter through with a fine. Paid £9 in total when a days parking was £7. Filled in their online form Friday with copies of the tickets and picture of the sign (taken men’s Newquay weekend) and told them had paid them more than enough so they could sod off. I am waiting to hear…..

  4. Mark Rennie

    Sounds like a Parking Charge Notice (rather than a Penalty Charge Notice, which can only be issued by the police or local authority)? If so, civil law (not criminal law) applies and your Parking Charge Notice is effectively an invoice, albeit one which is carefully designed and worded to intimidate the recipient. The same civil law allows a remedy of compensation for financial loss by the land owner but does not permit punitive charges. It is difficult to see how the land owner could successfully argue a financial loss of £100 or how a demand for such a sum is not punitive. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and DO NOT be intimidated by Parking Eye, who will be very persistent and bombard you with threatening letters but ultimately very reluctant to take the matter to court, where they risk additional expense and ultimately defeat. One of several good articles in the internet here – Good luck!

  5. Paul Barczok RTRC

    Yes we got a letter and fine paid £7 in the machine but the ticket printed out wrong reg appealed but was turned down but offered reduced fine of £20 paid under protest as parking eye are nortorious for pursuing unpaid fines with CCJs but from posts seems like problem with that machine

  6. Michaela

    My parents went up To watch the ladies weekend, and got a fine from parking eye. They had paid 4 pound for 2 hours and we’re back well within the time, but they were caught out because parking eye takes a photo on entry and exit of the car park and it’s not on parking up. Mum has a bad knee and so does not move too/fast, but she is just slow not a tortoise, they were only 8 minutes over. To see it has upset them badly is an understatement. I think it would be a good idea to find out how many people have been hit by this. It’s plain disgusting. Michaela

  7. Woo

    On 10-9-16 I had problems with keypad along with at least 3 other people in the queue. 1 machine not working & the other faulty. Got a fine for £60 which would increase to £100 if not paid in 14 days. I appealed. After nearly 5 wks letter advised I’d been unsuccessful, even though I’d given them details of what I’d actually managed to punch in. Also their IT/maintenance dept should have a log of repairs to faulty machines. This company is fining people for its faulty equipment & for fear of CCJS innocent people are paying-up. I understand the Golf Club next door are the owners. Are they aware of what’s going on ????

    • Admin

      We’ve heard that the company have now let some people off and others they tried asking for a reduced fine of £20. Which many have still refuses to pay. There has been no consistency in the treatment of users. Interesting that they’ll try to get whatever they can but it looks like ultimately you won’t have to pay if you stick to your guns. Presumably they don’t realise that at events like this, users cross reference with each other. Absolutely awful that some have felt pressured into paying when it wasn’t their fault due to a faulty machine at this car park.

      • christina

        I have written an appeal to popla about the car parking fines during Newquay. I think it would be stronger and more effective if I include others as well. If you are interested, please let me know.

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