Appledore Regatta results and report

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Photo above: Ilfracombe – Overall winners at Appledore
A report on Appledore Gig Regatta on 26th June from Hazel, APGC Press Officer.
It started at 9am and we just made it through before the rain fell. It was a great success with lots of visitors enjoying watching from the quayside.

Honours Shared

Appledore Pilot Gig Club welcomed clubs from Ilfracombe, Torridge, Clevedon, Bude, Barnstaple and Boscastle to their annual regatta. Races started from the quayside, with the boats heading seaward on a circular 1.7 mile course around two marker buoys before returning to cross the finish line just beyond the slipway anchor.  Despite the distance, the results of several of the races were extremely close calls, reflecting the competitive intensity of the rowing.

Ilfracombe came out winners in both the Mens A and B events, while Appledore dominated in both the Ladies races. It was Torridge’s turn to take the trophies in the Mens and Ladies Vets, while Clevedon U14s won their Junior event and Bude U16s took the honours in theirs. However, once again it was Ilfracombe who took home the overall regatta trophy, though perhaps feeling a little less secure in their success this year. A spread of clubs taking home the silverware meant the prize giving ceremony was a particularly convivial affair, made all the better through the generosity of individual race sponsors donating prizes for each event.





Photo above: Bude U16 crew

The Appledore U14 Juniors were excited by the opportunity to race competitively for the first time. Caitlin Haughton stroked Sunday’s race crew to second place, along with Mim Parsons, Ellen Parsons, Zoe Cross and Rory Lynch , assisted by Holly from the Torridge club. Caitlin was proudly watched by her grandfather Len White the Appledore club’s founder and President. The girls are also remarkable off the water too; Mim Parsons, in the bow seat, is this year’s Appledore Carnival Queen. She trains at the club alongside her sister Ellen and Summer Ford who have held the honour in previous years.
APGC Mens A start (2)
Top 3 in each race.
Mens A
1. Ilfracombe (Raparee)
2. Torridge (Kerens)
3. Appledore (Verbena)
Mens B
1. Ilfracombe
2. Ilfracombe (Rogue)
3. Torridge
Ladies A
1. Appledore
2. Torridge
3. Ilfracombe
Ladies B
1. Appledore
2. Torridge
3. Boscastle (Whitford)
Mens Vets
1. Torridge
2. Ilfracombe
3. Appledore
Ladies Vets
1. Torridge
2. Appledore
3. Ilfracombe
1. Ilfracombe
2. Appledore
3. Torridge
Under 14
1. Clevedon (Watch & Pray)
2. Appledore
3. Bude
Under 16
1. Bude (Bedehaven)
2. Ilfracombe
3. Clevedon
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