Strava Yourself at Scilly

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Hi folks,
Many of you have been using Strava to log your track, speed and time at gig events, so we have set up a GigRower Strava Club.
If you have Strava simply join the club ‘Gigrower’ (if you don’t just download the app, create an account and then join)
We are liaising with Pete Hicks in Scilly who lays the start lines. The plan is to set up ‘segments’ for both races.
As Strava is designed for roads it looks like we will have to set up several segments to deal with the long start lines. For St Agnes this will probably be one segment per race ‘section’ (the term the organisers use for each grouping on the startline), for the Nut Rocks races probably just one segment if we can get away with it, but if not we will do a few and group the lanes into these.
We can’t set this up until the Friday, but if you want to use these segments and share your track then join the club now and we will try and update this post on Friday afternoon.
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