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A new venture, this is the beginnings of the St Ayles Skiff rowing growth in England. Following on from the success of the fixed seat coastal rowing boat, designed to be built from a kit for as little as £3,500.00. The Scottish coastal rowing community now has over 50 Clubs and 150 boats are on the water (see; also in Northern Ireland, Europe, USa, Canada and Australasia.  The Skiffs are now moving into England, with Clubs in the North East; North Norfolk, Bristol and now 4 boats in build and 2 on the water in the Langstone/Solent area.


These Skiffs are ideal starter boats for introducing coastal rowers to the pleasures of fixed seat rowing and the benefits of community building; not everyone can build their own boat – so the Skiff Factory has started off in Hampshire and is building St Ayes Skiffs in a purpose designed workshop. The first boat will be on the water in May and ready for the World Championships in July in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.


The Skiff Factory boats will comply with the boat specifications for St Ayles Skiffs, and be set-up to row Gig Style with thole pins and purpose designed oars. A Skiff Factory boat will be around £9,000-£11,000 depending on the package of boat, oars, pins, launching trolley, road trailer and cover.   The St Ayles Skiff makes the perfect starter boat for Schools, Scouts, Community groups and Associations; sailing Clubs and of course Gig Clubs – allowing children from 10/11 to get out on the water and learn to row; while the oldest rower we have is around 70 years young…


For more information contact and phone 07767350512. 


This is a paid-for GigRower promotion on behalf of Langstone Adventure Rowing

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