Special Introductory Offer on the NK/Oarsport Cox-Box Mini

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NK Special Introductory Offer – 1st January – 30th April 2016:
NK/Oarsport will offer all Gig Clubs affiliated to the CPGA a 10% discount on Cox-Box Minis and accessories from 1st January – 30th April 2016, i.e. up to the World Pilot Gig Championships! For more details on the Cox-Box Mini, please read this article.


Here is a breakdown of Purchase Options: 

N.B. For these special offers it would be best to order by phone. Make sure you mention the following prices which you have seen on GigRower.

Product Description
  Price: (10% Discount)
Incl. Vat
Complete CoxBox Mini System:
(Incl. Mini+Charger, Bumper, Belt-Clip, Mic+Headband,
CPG Harness/2Speakers)


CPG Harness & 2 Loudspeakers only:     SAVE


Mini+Charger, Bumper, Belt-Clip, Mic+Microphone:
(Without Harness/2Speakers)


Mini Arm/Leg Band – (Optional Extra):   £22.50 £25.00
Car Adaptor Charger – (Optional Extra):                                             £19.80  £22.00
Maintenance Kit – (Optional Extra):
(Incl. Nyogel + NK Grease + Applicators – Mainly for Plugs & Sockets)
  £18.00  £20.00
Courier Charge:
NB: This covers up to 3 complete systems, so if clubs in the same area agree delivery to one address,  the charge per unit would be £3.00

:         The person in Charge of NK Sales @ Oarsport is Andrew Wilson
Oarsport:  Are the UK Distributors for Nielsen-Kellerman Electronics:

They are also distributors for:     Oars, Swingulator Ergometers, & WinTech Racing Shells.

Website:        www.oarsport.co.uk – Choose “Electronics” from Green Top Bar – Choose “CoxBox Mini” from Red Top Bar
Email:             info@oarsport.co.uk or andreww@oarsport.co.uk
Telephone:   0115 981 8183
Address:        Oarsport Ltd., Vermont House, Nottingham South & Wilford Industrial Estate,
Ruddington Lane, Wilford, Nottingham, NG11 7HQ


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3 Comments on "Special Introductory Offer on the NK/Oarsport Cox-Box Mini"

  1. Matt P

    Are Oarsport, or NK paying anybody for this degree of advertising ?
    If so, I thought media organisations were under an obligation to make that fact clear rather than presenting the information as a disinterested merely informative article ?
    If not, this scale of free advertising is worth a considerable amount. The potential sales would be in the tens of thousands of pounds.

      • Matt P

        No freebies or payment in kind ?
        How about the author, has she become an area rep for the company ?
        Don’t think I’ve ever seen this degree of product promotion on this site before.
        Something doesn’t feel right about it.
        By all means discuss possible technical innovations, but perhaps stop short of the point where it becomes blatant product plugging.

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