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A few months ago GigRower received a really nice email from the head of British Rowing, Annamarie Phelps. She had read of a copy of the GigRower magazine and wanted to tell us how much she enjoyed it and what a lovely publication it was. She also asked if there was any way that we could do more work together, saying ‘I am very keen that all the various rowing associations work together to strengthen the sport worldwide.’

Whilst the GigRower team have been supplying event write ups to British Rowing for some time, we felt there was certainly a lot more that we can do than just cover the World & County Championships for them. So we dispatched Toby to London to meet with Wendy Kewley who edits the British Rowing magazine, Rowing & Regatta.

Toby Budd and Wendy Kewley

Photo: Toby Budd & Wendy Kewley from British Rowing

Toby said that he had a great meeting and has agreed to start supplying more content to British Rowing, in addition to Scillies and Newquay; to include some of the other headline regattas.

Toby met with Wendy at their head office on the Thames and said: ”As we know, gig rowing is expanding at a phenomenal pace, both geographically and in participation numbers. Soon there will be over 3,000 rowers competing at Scilly, and there must be at least one to two times that number back on the mainland, that either can’t make it or are non-competitive. It’s only an estimate but we think there are currently 6,000-9,000 gig rowers. That means with an estimated 100,000 rowers in the UK, gig rowers will soon make up 10% – a significant proportion.”

He added: ”GigRower has always tried to help raise the profile of the sport. Our governing body, British Rowing, has a huge reach and this offers us a great new channel. If we can inform this audience about what’s going on with gig rowing, then great. As participation continues to grow and become a bigger part of the British Rowing scene I only see this relationship as one that will grow with time.”

Wendy added: “We’ve been working with the GigRower team for the last year and it’s been great to have more gig content in our digital magazine. There is certainly a lot more we can do together to cover the sport in more depth. It’s an exciting time!”

So keep your eyes on the British Rowing website and social media for more gig news. You can also download a copy of their latest digital magazine HERE for only £2.99 .

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