2 Castles Race Details

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Breaking NEWS – 23/10/15 – this event has unfortunately been cancelled due to the weather forecast

For those of you entered to race on Saturday, here is the latest information for coxes sent out by the National Maritime Museum. Directions & launching information is at bottom of page.

Click here for links for Map of docks & map of race route


Tide times on the day, times are for current British Summer Time:

High Water   1515 4.9m

Low Water    2205 1.6m

See the attached map for Ponsharden location.  At this time of year the main entrance gates are locked so use the lower gate to enter and leave the car/boat park i.e. the gate which is adjacent to Falmouth Marina. Park your trailers near the slipway, but do not block access to it. Please be prepared to move if directed by a member of the boatyard staff.

For those of you new to the race, rowing time from Ponsharden Park and ride to the start line is approx.  45 minutes. The race will start at 1400.


  • Start line will be approximately half a mile from St Anthony Lighthouse,  between the start boat to the south east of St Anthony and a second vessel (a RIB) to the south west of Pendennis Point. The flag will go down as soon as the starter feels the line is fair.


  • Gigs must carry a radio and channel 72 will be used for communications. Depending on sea and weather conditions and to avoid unnecessary delays gigs may be called forward in line for a rolling start.


  • The course is a straight race in to the docks and all boats must leave Black Rock Buoy and Black Rock Beacon to Overtaking boats must leave clear water to overtake. No weaving please, especially as you enter the docks area where manoeuvring can sometimes be restricted by other vessels.


  • On entering the docks area there will be a race official boat stationed to mark the eastern breakwater. In order to avoid potential problems with vessels leaving the docks area this boat must be left to port.
  • The finish boat will be positioned between the outer end of County Wharf and the outer end of the Port Pendennis pontoons. Ensure you cross the line between the boat and County Wharf.


  • The course may be altered on the day due to weather conditions or shipping movements. If there are any alterations to this format you will be advised by the shore personnel on arrival or by radio.


  • Following the race all gigs are invited to moor up on the Museum pontoon, collect a token and take some (free) refreshments. Enjoy!


Directions to gig launch at Ponsharden, Penryn, TR10 8AD

On the A39 to Falmouth…

Follow the signs to Falmouth Park and Ride car park (P&R on map above).

The main gates to the Park & Ride will be locked. Turn 1st left at the next roundabout onto North Parade, and after 100yds enter through the open gates on your left. Pick your way through the yachts to the far (west) end of the car park and park to the right hand side of the large blue industrial building, near the slipway.

Please park your trailers in the area marked by cones and where directed by boat yard staff.

The boat yard staff will be recovering a few boats between 1200 and 1430 on Saturday, while you are launching gigs, so please be aware of this and ensure you don’t block the slipway while these movements are taking place. Please comply with any instructions from the boat yard staff.

There will be sufficient water to launch gigs from about 1130, so there will be plenty of time to get all the boats in.

Please do not leave your gigs moored  on the slipway side of the pontoon, as this will be needed for large boat mooring and recovery. Once you’ve launched, clear your trailer from the slipway, move your gig to the far end of the pontoon and sort your kit out there.

If you are very early or the pontoon is getting crowded, feel free to row down the river and moor up on the Museum pontoon before the race.

Map of ponsharden

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