Flushing & Mylor Oars for Sale

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Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club are selling a set of Pilot Gig Oars. Bids to be sent to committee15@googlegroups.com by 6pm on Sunday October 18th. The highest bidder will be informed shortly after. Payment would be required within one week and collection as soon as possible after. Starting bid is £390.


Details are as follows:

  • Set of 6 “Celtic” Traditional Oars made by Andrew Nancarrow.
  • Manufacture date unknown, but before FMPGC was formed in 2004
  • Oar Overall Lengths:
    No.3 & 4: – 13’ 00”   -(396cms)
    2 & 5: – 12’ 10”   -(290.5cms)
    Stroke:   – 12’ 05.5” -(380cms)
    Bow:      – 12’ 06”   -(381cms)
  • Traditional Blade Dimensions:
    All = Length: 32.25”–(82cms)
    Tip & Widest Width: 7 1/8th“– 18cms)
  • The stroke oar has had a new inboard section scarfed on, due to a crack, but the oar is now sound and still sets perfectly in the water.
  • Overall the set are reasonably light for traditional oars, and are also quite flexible which helps less experienced crews.
  • For our club the set has proved ideal for beginners and development crews, and they have done good service.
  • We are selling them only because we are now able to buy a new set to replace them.


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