Flushing & Mylor Oars for Sale

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Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club are selling a set of Pilot Gig Oars. Bids to be sent to [email protected] by 6pm on Sunday October 18th. The highest bidder will be informed shortly after. Payment would be required within one week and collection as soon as possible after. Starting bid is £390.


Details are as follows:

  • Set of 6 “Celtic” Traditional Oars made by Andrew Nancarrow.
  • Manufacture date unknown, but before FMPGC was formed in 2004
  • Oar Overall Lengths:
    No.3 & 4: – 13’ 00”   -(396cms)
    2 & 5: – 12’ 10”   -(290.5cms)
    Stroke:   – 12’ 05.5” -(380cms)
    Bow:      – 12’ 06”   -(381cms)
  • Traditional Blade Dimensions:
    All = Length: 32.25”–(82cms)
    Tip & Widest Width: 7 1/8th“– 18cms)
  • The stroke oar has had a new inboard section scarfed on, due to a crack, but the oar is now sound and still sets perfectly in the water.
  • Overall the set are reasonably light for traditional oars, and are also quite flexible which helps less experienced crews.
  • For our club the set has proved ideal for beginners and development crews, and they have done good service.
  • We are selling them only because we are now able to buy a new set to replace them.


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