Women pull hard as well

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Ex Olympic rower Annie Vernon is currently working with BBC Radio Cornwall to investigate why gig rowing has as many women taking part as men.
Annie Vernon with learner rowers
Whilst many other sports are dominated by men, gig rowing sees an almost 50/50 split, why is this?
Annie (pictured above recently at Looe Rowing Club) has been in touch with GigRower for our thoughts, this is what we listed as the main reasons:

* Very few other teams sports are so open to female as well as male competitors.

* Equally, gig rowing welcomes social and non competitive rowers. There’s no pressure to race.

* Most clubs offer mid week slots for mums, self employed and retired members.

* The sport welcomes ‘one and all’ to row and race, not just the super fit.

* Most events and regattas are very family and community friendly.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below.
Annie is also looking for some rowers to interview on Radio, if you are interested please contact us and we will pass on your message.
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6 Comments on "Women pull hard as well"

  1. Loopy Guy

    Its pure team effort, at times challenging. On a personal level one of the best things I have ever done for myself fitness wise. The people in the Club could not be nicer, great personalities. good fun all with lots to offer.

  2. Sarah

    It is an oppurtunity to really push myself to my limit, without having to think. I’m a keen sportperson but invasion sports and I just do not mix!! Rowing is the physically demanding still with that competitive element to it. Training and racing means pushing your body to the limits and it gives you such a buzz. Nothing better than beating yourself to a pulp with 5 likeminded ‘athletes’.
    Even though there isn’t the communication during a race(if there is you aren’t rowing hard enough) the team work, cammaraderie and work ethic is infectious. I go cycling as well but rowing just gives me that extra buzz!!
    I also think the nature of the competition these days, in order to win you have to train like a full time athlete and so it gives me at least the feeling that I am competing with the very best and so great results really makes me feel good. That’s just me personally but it’s kept me in the sport since I was 11 so…

  3. Teri

    As the Cornish motto says “Onen hag Oll” or One and All , and Pilot gig rowing really typifies that. Brilliant sport that doesn’t set limits of age, sex or size – if you can pull an oar you can have a go. Getting involved is truly life changing on all possible levels.

  4. Sue Greenwood

    Gig rowing offers women of all abilities shapes sizes and age a fantastic opportunity to compete. Often it’s the top ranked clubs to have been established for quite a while that attract the fittest however as a club that is very new its so rewarding to see women of all ages and abilites taking part and enjoying the fantastic buz that gig rowing provides as a team sport. It’s never to late to have a go and get fit with great a group of ladies

  5. At our club in Gloucester, Massachusetts, we have 110 members split between 32 males (29%)and 78 females (71%). What you are seeing in the U.K. is also certainly happening in the States.

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