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  1. Jelle van der Hijden

    She was named De Liefde actually (=Love). Late 2014 TIOG Rotterdam has sold De Liefde to team ‘De Draeckjes’ (Dragons) from Nederhorst den Berg, the Netherlands. After quite some maintenance she has begun her new life under the name ‘De Vegt’. Presentation to the Dutch ‘Gig community’ and first race was may 2015. Forced to be pragmatic due to maintenance issues, yet still in love with rowing a Gig, team TIOG Rotterdam are now looking for a training gig. Either used or new, please let us know wen/if there is a poly-Gig for sale??? With kindest regards. Jelle/TIOG Rotterdam ps: i have pictures of the former De Liefde in her present state named: ‘De Vegt’. if you wish i can send you the images as an update. gr, j

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