Thanks & Goodbye from Gig Storers & Movers in Scilly

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A letter sent to everyone who has ever raced at Scilly from the farm owners who have looked after our gigs before & after the Championships.  The last gig has now left the islands following the 2015 event. 

To the Gig rowers of the ‘world’

The World Pilot Gig Championships 2015 is officially over, the last gig has left Longstone Farm last Friday and with it comes the end of an era.

Almost from its conception Longstone has been involved in some form with the ‘World Champs’ which has become truly a world acknowledged event. We have loved every gig we have accommodated here on their ‘holiday’ with us – sometimes for months. We have ‘baled’ out their covers, fixed the wheels on their trailers, sheltered them from storm and saved them from strangulation when a ratchet strap has been pulled a bit too tight by an over-zealous rower.

We must have broken every record – if ever there was one – for the number of Pilot Gigs on land, and in one place – EVER. The field at Longstone has seen 110 Gigs parked like a glorious stationary carousel.

Justin, with his mentor standing in the wings, has transported every gig with more care than a new father pushing a pram, but the time has come to say ‘goodbye’ to each of his children from the farm for the last time.

To every gig we will miss you, to every rower who has have ever been to Scilly we raise a glass, to everyone who has ever helped we thank you and to those who have ever complained, criticised or made the ‘job’ of towing and placing gigs at times impossible – we hope the next person comes up to your expectations where obviously we have failed.

We have been proud and honoured to have been party to protecting the gigs during their stay, and will greatly miss all the ‘colours’ in our field, but for Justin the time has come, the stress and workload involved now is just too demanding and the lack of support locally too hurtful.

We send our love to all the visiting crews and good luck with all your events, you are all true sportsmen, and many of you are now true friends.

Jus & Ali x

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7 Comments on "Thanks & Goodbye from Gig Storers & Movers in Scilly"

  1. Nicci Hastings

    On behalf of Caradon Gig Club; our rowers, supporters and especially our gigs, we thank you for all that you have given to make the IoS championships the amazing event it is. Without your dedication, time, care, fields & towing abilities the event wouldn’t even happen. You’ll be a tough act to follow…. let’s see how many step forward for the job!!! Good luck & thank you

  2. Jim

    On behalf of Boscastle & Crackington Gig Club, thank you for being one of the unsung heroes of the Gig World Championships. We arrive and find out gigs ready for action, without really thinking through all the organisation that get them from ferry to field to beach and back safely. Thank You

  3. On behalf of Pendeen, May I also add our sincere thanks. And amazing job and such fantastic commitment. The organisation and professionalism are truly remarkable. Sad that you do not get fully supported by some islander! 🙁 Best wishes for the future !! 🙂

  4. Andy Forte

    I would like to personally thank you and also thank you on behalf of the River Teign Rowing Club for taking great care of our gigs and delivering them ready for the weekend of racing. You will be greatly missed as you are a large cog in the wheel of the organizing of the gigs for the weekend and the months either side of it. 3 cheers for all your hard work and we hope you reconsider!!

  5. Debbie Maxted

    Falmouth Gig Club echoes the other clubs’ good wishes to you both. Thanks so much for looking after our boats so well and getting them to where they should be year after year. The Championships are losing an irreplaceable resource – they won’t know what they’ve got till its gone!

  6. Dan Lane

    Just like the other clubs, on behalf of Cattewater we would like to express deeply our thanks. A huge amount of effort goes in to organising and arranging how the gigs are kept and moved in readiness for the championships. It is very much appreciated, we at the club wish you the very best. Definitely a tough act to follow.

  7. Lizzie Stone

    Yealm gig club would like to thank you for all your hard work over the years. Our first championship was 1992, sadly haven’t been for last 3 years, but many happy memories. You are indeed the unsung heroes.

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