Is there an argument for weight adjusting gigs?

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As per our article in the GigRower magazine, please comment below if you have any views.

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3 Comments on "Is there an argument for weight adjusting gigs?"

  1. Matt P

    Is this format (refering to articles apearing in your magazine, and not on this site) likely to continue ?
    I’m not on Scilly this year so don’t have access to this article or the one on carbon oars.
    If so, it’ll be pointless bothering to visit in future.

    • Admin

      Hi Matt

      We’ve set up this page as there is a feature in our magazine about this topic. The magazine is available to all. Not just those on Scilly. We’re taking postal orders now. Please follow the links via the ‘Magazine’ tab on this site.


  2. JS

    Yes, I think so. If minimum weight was set to, say, 320 kg then it’ll extend the life of “race” gigs as they age and naturally get heavier or for gigs that are just of slightly heavier construction. Over time, less and less weight would need to be added to make them match the minimum dry weight. It might also mean that builders can make boats that aren’t pared down to the bare minimum in order to be as light as possible.

    It’d need a scrutineering and weigh-in process at the start of major events. For example at WPGC, perhaps there’s an argument that if crews are wishing to challenging for an “A-heat” finish then their gig needs to be checked to be at or above the minimum weight?

    Bottom line, is the sport about the performance of the rowers, or the boats?

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