CPGA propose age change for Veterans

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The CPGA are proposing changes to the Veteran age categorisation for CPGA events. They have sent out a discussion document to all clubs today. A copy of this can be read below.

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Read more detail on the proposal by clicking on this link:

CPGA Veteran and Super Vet age proposal

We will feed back your comments to the CPGA by the end of June 2015


Update – 2nd July. Results HERE



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6 Comments on "CPGA propose age change for Veterans"

  1. Penny Chuter

    Ages should be from birthdays. Increases ASAP. BUT with so many small clubs, the ages should be AVERAGE AGE GROUPS of 50 and 60. This would give clubs more flexibility, eg., a vet crew could have one 55-year old if they included also a 45 year-old, etc. Older and averages would give better “B” crews. Vets

  2. Arlette Werner

    I apparently miss the logic that increasing Vets age will create more opportunities for B crews. In Holland many Vets/almost Vets row still faster than most of the younger ones, thus are the A crew themselves. So there is room for B crews…. I like the suggestion of having an average (actual) age of a Vets crew, e.g. 45 years. In the current model I doubt the fact that it will stimulate Vets to row longer. In my own crew, we would have the situation that we may have to wait 7 years instead of 2 years to be eligible to participate….we’ll see if we by then still exist as crew to participate at WPGC

  3. Andy Thomson

    I am 65 but still row actively and would like to race, the current system is very inflexible. Either average age group crews, or an age group crew i.e. 60-70 years etc would be ok.

  4. Here in the US most of our club members are over 45, and many of us are over 60. I think the best way to approach the age limit puzzle is to add an over 60 “super-duper vets” category.

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