Helford Mini Scillies Round Up

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Helford Gig Club organised one of the first events of the 2015 season last weekend and some good racing was had by all. As a rower it’s great to take part in an event where you get to race more than once and as Helford put on a mini version of the World Championships, there are Vets races as well as a long distance open one and shorter sprint finals.

Falmouth came out on top in both the Men’s Vets and Open. Whilst Newquay won the Ladies Vets and Open races. In the latter, Roseland finished first but they and Flushing & Mylor ladies were disqualified for being over the line at the start.

The full results can be seen in the results board below. Further down we have typed up and sorted the final races for the open events and these can also be downloaded here. Helford-mini-scillies-open-results 2015 (Sorry we haven’t yet had time to do the Vets and that the times are formatted differently but were taken from different sources)



Ladies Open Final Club Time Men’s Open Final Club Time
1st Polvarth Roseland         8’ 44” (DSQ) Black Rock Falmouth 00:07:35
2nd Spy Newquay 8’ 46” Governor Falmouth 00:07:41
3rd Zawn Flushing/Mylor          9’ 02” (DSQ) Manacle Bell Coverack 00:08:07
4th Hope Newquay 9’ 29” Messack Truro 00:08:08
5th St Elvan Porthleven 9’ 39” Zawn Flushing/Mylor 00:08:12
6th Black Rock Falmouth 9’ 43” Polvarth Roseland (DSQ) 00:08:16
7th Messack Truro 9’ 52” Hope Newquay 00:08:18
8th Manacle Bell Coverack 10’ 00” St Elvan Porthleven 00:08:20
9th Pinnacle Flushing/Mylor 19’ 01” Merthen Helford 00:08:20
10th August Rock Helford 10’ 07” Pedn Billy Helford 00:08:25
11th Pedn Billy Helford 10’ 12” Torrent Boscastle/Crackington 00:08:39
12th Edgcombe Cotehele Quay 10’ 18” H. Smardon Brixham 00:08:45
13th Merthen Helford 10’ 23” Bryanek St Agnes 00:08:46
14th Governor Falmouth 10’ 29” Lark Coverack 00:08:52
15th Morlader Penryn 10’ 30” Edgecumbe Cotehele Quay 00:08:54
16th Lark Coverack 10’ 34” Morlader Penryn 00:08:55
17th Circe Nankersey 10’ 43” Bedehaven Bude 00:09:07
18th Bedehaven Bude 10’ 45” Poll Gwragh Praa Sands 00:09:08
19th Bryanek St Agnes 10’ 47” Circe Nankersey 00:09:15
20th Golden Gear Boscastle/Crackington 10’ 52” August Rock Helford 00:09:16
21st Torrent Boscastle/Crackington 10’ 53” Swift Rock 00:09:22
22nd Poll Gwragh Praa Sands 11’ 19” Golden Gear Boscastle/Crackington 00:10:03
23rd Henry Smardon Brixham      17’ 05”  ?? Ferry Boat Helford 00:10:38
24th Spy Newquay
25th Pinnacle Flushing/Mylor
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