2015 Rules from CPGA

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The CPGA have issued their 2015 General Rules and Racing Rules information pages. Click on the links below to view.

Any comments? Do you think more rules now need adding? Or do some need relaxing or changing? Let us know in the feedback below.

General Rules of the CPGA – 2015

Racing rules 2015

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  1. Nick Holmes

    General Rules rule no 25 and Racing Rules rule no. 4 – Are these new? This rule does not appear in my 2010 copy of the Racing Rules, I cannot find a copy of the old General Rules. “Member Clubs of the CPGA must not arrange inter-club racing where wooden and GRP gigs take part in the same race.” By this rule, the Helford Mini Scillies last week-end and possibly the upcoming Truro pursuit race being organised by Penryn and other planned events are races specifically banned by our governing body. Does the holding of such “banned” events create problems or have implications with our respective club insurance policies?
    Previously I thought the ruling was that the CPGA did not support such events, consequently they were held outside the jurisdiction of the CPGA. Not recognising such events is one thing. An outright ban on member clubs organising or being involved in such events is quite another matter.

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