Women invited to row from London to Paris

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Shelley Cook is trying to get 12 women to take part in a row from London to Paris this summer. Here’s her invitation to you all:


A 500 mile row taking six days and six nights with a team of 12 ladies rowing two hours on, two hours off. Starting at Westminster Bridge alongside Big Ben’s Tower and finishing at the Pont d’Iena alongside the Eiffel Tower.

It’s a massive challenge, life changing in fact.

More people have stood on top of Everest than have rowed the Dover/Calais Channel, and only a very few have rowed the distance between London and Paris.

The go dates are Mon 25 May to Mon 1 June (longer than just six days to allow for weather delays).

There are another two boats going that are a mix of celebrities and mere mortal non-rowers. I just love the idea of a group of ladies taking the challenge to them!

A brief overview is attached as a PDF. It contains basic information and should elicit a ton of questions – please fire them back and I’ll collate and answer to the whole group.

If you are interested please give me some feedback via email or phone.

If you know of anyone else who may be interested please forward this message on.

LINK to PDF with more information is shown below.

2015 London2Paris Invitation – First Ladies Crew

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20 Comments on "Women invited to row from London to Paris"

  1. Dee Wadham

    Hi I’m very interested ive done a few long distance rows ie london river race twice and Clovelly to Lundy. Been rowing 15 years and no spring chicken at 58 but have grit! Would love more details!

  2. Lisa Furborough

    Very interested. Have rowed from Clovelly to Lundy with Dee!!! She’s right she does have grit!
    I’ve been rowing 6-7 years 44 years old and have got a fair bit of grit myself….
    Would like more details please, Thanks,

  3. Roy

    Is this even likely? As far as I am aware the French authorities will not allow any human powered vessel to enter French waters. I may be wrong.

    • Hi Roy. The French closed their waters, specifically off Calais, to “unorthodox” crossings in June 2013 and only swims are allowed now. However, the route that we take is approved by the French. There are a lot of rules and conditions (e.g. we’re not allowed to race) but there is a specific Permission granted to Adventure Rowing (who run the event) that allows it to happen.

  4. Rira

    Very interested!!!! Im rowing for newquay.and started 2007 always wonted to achieve something in my life , when I look back and can say I done something amazing 🙂

  5. Helen Flanagan

    I would love to do this. I am a keen Kayaker and rowed competitively for a few years. Always love a challenge. I also have experence of rowing a curach. Very fit 33 year old. How much would it cost?

  6. Bec Campion

    I’ve been rowing for Scilly for over 10 years, this sounds like an amazing opportunity that I would love to be part of. I have just sent you an email Shelley x

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