Invitation to 2015 World Pilot Gig Championships

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The official World Pilot Gig Championships Invitation has arrived!

On behalf of the organising Committee I have great pleasure in inviting you to take part in the World Pilot Gig Championships on the Isles of Scilly on May 1, 2nd and 3rd 2015. For previous competitors the racing will follow the usual format with which you are familiar. For new clubs please check our website where the rules that we strictly apply may also be read. Owing to extensive improvement works on the quay the finish line position may have to vary. This will be buoyed as previously. These works will prevent much spectator access to the quay so try the Garrison instead. Additionally under no circumstances must gig crews utilise the quay at any time. Please comply with the directions of the harbour staff on the quay and on the water at all times.

In August last year there was a meeting between the Steamship Company, Anne Curnow Care of the CPGA, and myself. This has led to a spirit of enhanced cooperation between ourselves and hopefully will resolve problems rapidly. The Steamship Company have requested that all competitors book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Most important is the cooperation of competitors for the double sailing schedule on the Friday morning at 6 AM. Last year the ship was delayed due to competitors arriving early but then waiting for their friends rather than checking in. This led to a delay in the sailing. Please check in immediately on your arrival at the quay and deposit your bags. You may then of course return to the Dolphin Inn area to greet your friends but you must retain your boarding pass.

Please will you return all trophies in pristine condition, and ensure that the names on the bows of the gigs are clearly visible, some last year were difficult to read by the finish team. Most importantly please ensure that your trailers are road legal with all brakes and lights in working order. Remember that our towing team may be at risk of prosecution if this is not so. Signing in will commence at midday on the preceding Thursday as last year. This obviates scrummaging and will be the standard for the future.

My committee are responding to complaints regarding the toilet facilities and will double these. Many of the changes and improvements over the last several years have been as a result of suggestions from competitors and clubs. Maggie and her tunnel team will once more up their game and provide you with good value and highly nutritious food. Please support us at the tunnel as this provides the funds for next years Championships. I welcome comments and to this end my email address is below. I look forward to meeting many of you outside the tunnel and will be happy to discuss any Championships subject you wish.

Rick Persich Chairman
World Pilot Gigs Championships Committee


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