Newquay men's championships 2013 part 1

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In a similar start to the ladies championships two weeks ago, another fresh N wind and choppy sea greeted the men’s fleet. The sea was not quite a big but the heavier and faster men’s crews tend to push the gigs much deeper into each wave and trough. Boats were returning to the beach and having to be bailed quickly out by the efficient Newquay shore crews after just about every race.

The GigRower analysis of the published results so far is available as a PDF. Obviously this is pending the official CPGA / Newquay timings for race 5 and 6 of round 2 which were successfully completed but as yet have not been published. Once these become available we’ll update the analysis of the racing (updated 17th Sept).

Gig capsize.

As has been extensively covered on the @_GigRower Twitter feed on the day, the Cadgwith B crew were involved in a capsize of the Fowey gig Lantic during race #7 following what looked to be a collision with the gig Millers Daughter on rounding the spreader mark after turn #1 of the course. Reviewing the video footage recorded from a spectator boat, Lantic appeared to pop up and land directly on the rudder or transom of Millers Daughter before rolling to starboard and then being completely and very quickly capsized by one of the many steep waves that were crossing the course.

We’re sure that all coxswains will study this footage very carefully as a painful reminder of the risks and difficulties of controlling gigs in rough seas and when rounding marks. As Millers Daughter rounded the mark, Lantic quickly became the “overtaking boat”, the one which must keep clear.

Capsize footage :

It is testament to the strength and seaworthiness of wooden gigs that Lantic was able to be carefully towed back to shore by Newquay RNLI whilst still completely awash. Why not thank the RNLI by making a donation.

Event rescheduled.

The crew and gig were all safely recovered but this led to races 7 and 8 being abandoned and the event postponed until the 28th of September whereupon races 7 & 8 are set to be re-run as well as the remainder of the championships.

We all await official news from CPGA and Newquay Rowing Club as to the format and revised progression system that may be applied to re-running just races 7 & 8 from round 2 a fair way to both the 12 crews in races 7 & 8 as well as the 36 crews that had already completed their races.


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  1. Jane Mowatt

    Pleased to see my little video was of use. Am trying to squeeze funds for RNLI out of some of the commercial sites also using it in publications…

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