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Today, Rame Gig Club is honoured and humbled by the help and support of our local Community.

Our Regatta Day arrived, after much organisation, having monitored the weather closely over the previous 48hrs, there was unexpected deterioration in the weather resulted in the Regatta being cancelled at the very last minute.  A frantic marathon phone calling session at 8.30am was enough to forewarn some clubs prior to them leaving home, but others from further afield already on the road, were not so lucky.

A Committee decision was made to continue with the Beach BBQ and party regardless,(with the exception of the Fireworks due to the obvious safety hazard) albeit with sunken hearts and an expectation of disappointing day. How wrong we were!

It must be said, the day and evening was a resounding success as much as it could have been with not a single Gig on the water.  All the clubs that did make it to the beach, enjoyed  a relaxing day in the ‘windy’ sunshine.  Everyone has been incredibly gracious, helpful and supportive. The well wishes we have received from everyone attending has been staggering and we are extremely grateful to you all.
Our local community have supported us enormously and for that we are once again grateful beyond words.  Without our fantastic community we could not succeed, even a simple BBQ and Party would not be possible without the help and understanding we continue to receive.  A special thank you must go out to Jeff at the Cross Keys who have been an invaluable help throughout the day.  Without Jeffs generous assistance, we would not have been able to offer our Bar facilities.

Thanks go out to everyone who donated raffle prizes,

Golfing day for 2 at Whitsand Bay Hotel and Golf Club
Meal at the Cross Keys
Meal at Devonport Inn
Meal at Rising Sun
Variety of wine, beer, chocolates and numerous additional prizes. 

All available to win in September.

Our ‘Programme’ prize draw, donated by Plymouth Albion, of a meal for 2 and entry into the Game will also be drawn in September

Sincere thanks must go to everyone who helped, from the loan of fields for car and trailer parking, all who made cakes, sarnies, flans etc  the BBQ,  refreshments,  bar suppliers and staff all who donate a lot of time and effort. Thanks also to marshalls, car park attendants, bus drivers,   I’m sure someone will have been forgotten, although not intentionally, but for those, we also thank you.

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3 Comments on "Rame regatta"

  1. Charlotte

    I made the mistake of heading up from Penzance early to miss the traffic, get parking space and mainly to chill out on the beach before the rowing. So I was already there when it was cancelled. A long way to drive for nothing. It was the right decision but why could the call not have been made earlier? Even better, the night before as a lot of people have told me the forecast was for it to be very windy. Such a shame for Rame as it will put people of going again if they are going to take the risk with our time and money again.

  2. steve

    And not a single apology for those who wasted half their day driving gigs and rowers to an event that should have been cancelled the night before…

  3. Penny

    And perhaps Rame would like to contribute towards the wasted petrol money and 3 hours which could have been prevented had they cancelled the evening before.

    Strong E winds had been forecast for the area for the previous 2 days, and conditions were stable, so predictable.

    Surely Rame can read weather forecasts like the rest of us.

    Very frustrating and time wasting

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