WANTED: Replacement Sutton Oar

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St Mary’s Gig Club are after a replacement Sutton oar for one of their sets due to considerable damage to an oar blade. We are after a men’s needle bladed oar measuring 12’10” with blade dimensions of 32″ by 7″ overall with a 6 1/4″ blade tip.

We would consider buying two depending on the price. If any you have any part sets of oars out there it may appeal to you and would save us the expense of buying a single new oar.

If you have anything you might be able to offer us please leave a message here.

Andrew King
St Mary’s Gig Club

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  1. Neil Milbourne

    Why not send the damaged oar back to Suttons? We (Pendeen) had a badly damaged blade. A whole side had been smashed off. We firstly photoed it and emailed to suttons,to check they could mend it. We then couriered it up they mended and couriered back. All cost approx £160. Looks like new. Certainly cheaper than buying a new one. Hope this helps??

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