Men’s Newquay 2012

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Flat conditions for day 1 and a bit wet and wild on day 2. The high wind forecast didn’t materialise but the rain certainly did. Cold. Wet. Choppy.

Congratulations to Falmouth A for their win. Revised line up from WPGC2012 and impressive to win at both ends of the season.

Very nice to see Helen Glover presenting the trophies and medals (as well as showing off her own hard-won medal).

Good to see Par Bay pushing hard to a well deserved 2nd place ahead of Caradon A in 3rd. Shame about Looe A being cut out of a chance of the finals as they’d been fast all weekend but met a big change in conditions between semifinal #1 and semifinal #2 (in fact, none of the semifinal #2 crews would have qualified for the final based on time). There’s discussion to be had on how best to get the top 6 crews out of the semi finals and into the final especially where the racing is so close and conditions so changeable. A second “B” final for places 7-12 would be good.

Perhaps the fastest 12 from the quarter finals rather than winner + fastest losers. Then at the semi finals just  abandon timing and go for progression of top 3 from each heat to the final with the heats alternately containing crews ranked by their time from the quarter finals?

Really well run beach marshalling as usual and great to have quick tweets from @CPGAGigs updating the crews straight after races. Also good to see no DQs, the softer layout of turn 1 with the extra spacer mark after the main turn mark probably contributed to this (as well as making for very close racing as it was hard to get tangled up on the marks).

Great set of photos over at :

Newquay 2012 R2 results (MEN)

Newquay 2012 QF results (MEN)

Newquay 2012 SF results (MEN)

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  1. si

    The most important thing that needs to be addressed before next year championship in my opinion is getting someone who is capable and confident enough to start each race correctly! The whole weekend was terrible, especially sunday with poor weather conditions. Crews getting cold and wet do to starter’s incompentants!

  2. Charlotte

    Absolutley disagree with Si, I thought the starter did a great job personally, I coxed 5 races and not once did I feel he did a poor start. A straight line was achieved in reasonable time each time. Delays were caused by one crew having to go in as they’d snapped a stretcher in the warm up and a breakdown in radio communication, neither of which were the starter’s fault!

    A massive thanks to those who gave up their time in horrible conditions in order to umpire and start the races.

  3. Helped out with the starting on Sun. It’s a difficult job, made even more difficult by coxes appearing to be deaf or indifferent to instructions. The starter showed patience and uderstanding even under these circumstances. Well done!

  4. gman

    Conditions improved for the second semi final race. Infact it went so much flatter that many of us thought that most of them would progress to the final. But they didn’t race fast enough. One of the par rowers even said that they had a really slow race and that nobody was pushing them.
    So as for the discussions of how to progress crews to the final, i would say that all six boats in that final completely deserved to be there.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree completely, as the Looe A crew actually comfortably beat two of the crews that made the final, earlier on during the semis and quarters, and they also only had the chance to race one other crew from the final. Who do you row for? if you dont mind me asking. However, well done to the top for crews, well deserved.

  5. gman

    I don’t row, therefore I am unbiased unlike most people who leave comments here. Everybody knows that times and positions in all other heats/ quarters/ semis, have no indication to who will end up on top. It’s quite simple, if a crew races fast enough they will progress to the next stage, if not they will drop out regardless of previous times or positions.

  6. gman

    I’m saying that because it is done on times, it means crews can go out in any heat and any race knowing that they have a chance. If a crew is in a heat where they know that two crews will definitely beat them without a doubt, then what is the point them racing, they may as well go home. Where as if they go out thinking this will be a fast heat let’s try and go as fast as we can for a good time, then they have a reason to race. I don’t understand how people don’t see this.

    • Musto

      Newquay Championships progression from round to round is done on a mixture of result position AND timing. Compare this to the World Pilot Gig Championships which are done just on result position.

      A competition that uses a mix of result placing and time placing is always going to struggle to be fair because conditions can change between races. Unless, that is, you assume that conditions have no effect on a race.

      Shouldn’t we try to eliminate the effects that varying conditions have? There should be no “fast” or “slow” heats, just progression on the result of racing the crew next to you. The length of time a heat takes is irrelevant.

      A result-placing-only progression system is the only one which is fair to all crews and gives the “reason to race”, as you put it, as the ultimate result for the event has a much better chance of reflecting the crew’s actual performance compared to their peers (or lack of it) and not the luck of the wind, tide, or spectator boat wash.

      Yes, this means more races over a championship but there’s nothing stopping them from being held on a much shorter course (especially for the opening rounds).

    • Adam

      The purpose of a championship is not to encourage everyone to do their best; it’s to ensure the best 6 crews all make the final. If all crews thought there was no point in racing because they couldn’t win, only about 4 crews would turn up to a championship so I don;t see this a valid point.

      If using times was an effective method of doing this then that system would be used in the Olympics…it isnt because it puts too much emphasis on luck, something you want to try to eliminate in sport.

      I don’t understand how people dont see this.

  7. smaler

    I think there should not be a draw for the semifinal.The crews should be seeded on their quarter final times therefore you would separate the six fastest qualifiers. So you would have the odd numbers in one heat and evens in the other heat. Then you would have the first three from each semi going into the final. There, sorted.

    • Musto

      And with that you could have an “A” and “B” final where the bottom 6 from the semi-finals get to race against each other for places 7-12 and the top 6 race for places 1-6.

  8. miles

    There’s always been trouble with newquay championships due to the weather and all different types/methods of eliminations have been tried. Nothing’s changed really since 1990, there will be current or ex world and county champions that will loose/fall out of heat for what ever reason, you’ll get clubs that do well at scillies then not seen till newquay, clubs that have progressed well all year and fall short on the day etc etc etc.

    In my opinion this is what makes the competition/event so good. all the top 6 clubs have in recent years missed the finals before for similiar reasons. At the end of the day you gotta pull the stops out when asked for; this means the top 6 clubs don’t really start to row until semi-final time. No point complaining about boats and weather, comparing different semi final heats, thats the luck of the draw rowing in the sea at the end of september in our unpredictable weather climate. I know for a fact looe would have not been any quicker in time if par wasn’t in that heat. par were not pushed at all in finals so rowed a tactical race, like any other crew would!

      • Rus

        No change required! One or two unexpected results isn t a bad thing. You go hard or you go home and the cream always rises to the top regardless.

      • miles

        yer ‘life’s a lottery’! its the same with any sport, CRA rowing the same, Sliding seat rowing etc etc. just look at the olympics, four years of hard training doesn’t mean you’ll get a medal!!! if you wanna win races in gig rowing now its a semi professional sport that you have to make huge sacrifices on and off the water for!!! If you can get seven people to make these sacrifices and put massive hours of training 12 months of the year in, then you will eventually start winning events/competition.

        Falmouth men and women are the best at the moment because they can put so much time into training on land and on water! its taking them a few years to progress and now their hard work is paying off!

        Newquay champs is all about the unexpected, rowing in open seas! In my opinion there’s two options; 1. get training harder on land and sea all year round, or 2, do what you can when you can in your crews and just enjoy it, sit back and admire the few clubs that sacrifice so much to achieve good results.

        • Adam

          Sliding seat rowing is not a lottery. The fact that you can train for 4 years and not achieve a medal is not a result of bad luck but of a lack of quality or poor performance.

          You never hear of a crew failing to qualify for the olympic final because the conditions changed (top 2 or 3 crews qualify not fastest times)or boats are unfair (they bring their own).

          ‘Miles’ it may be fine for for crews who have not trained hard to accept these situations, but it is very hard for those who have given up a lot of time and fall foul of avoidable and unfair scenarios.

          It is people with your mentality that ‘you should put up with unfairness in your sport’ that are holding back the sport from developing and moving with the times.

          • Rus

            How much fairer do you want it? Even if you dont win your heat you still get the chance of going through on times. Sounds like people are using the changeable conditions as an excuse for not getting the result they wanted. Fact is, regardless of weather conditions, if you dont win your heat and you don t go through on times, you got to accept that you were just not good enough this time! Simples!

          • Musto

            What on earth are you talking about? Unless you want to race on an indoor lake, of course the conditions play a huge role when relying on timing of results to progress through rounds. If you want to hide behind some favourable weather helping you out then that’s fine, but it’s just vanity. Race and beat a crew side-by-side for respect and sanity.

            In this year’s men’s final there was a very strong case for Looe to be there (and Roseland too – just). Using times for progression at large events is always going to be unfair so it should be dropped in favour of progression by absolute result over multiple heats.

        • roly rollocks

          Yes all well and good if you can train like a semi-professional but not everyone can. Unlike sliding seat rowing when you start at novice level and progress through the categories depending on the no. of wins you have you can start gig rowing and be competing against these semi-professionals without a cat in hells chance of winning-not much motivation there!!!

          • Musto

            So, you’re arguing that gig rowing should use a format similar to s/s where you progress through racing against those of a similar level and earning your right to row at higher and higher levels rather than always being ignored in favour of the ‘top crews’.

          • miles

            Unfortunately unless you train like a semi pro crew you wont beat the top 3 clubs in any competition! This is the how far forward the sport of gig rowing has got too now; u must train as hard and as long or even more than the best crew around in order to see results! There’s only one club that seems to do well with minimum training t and that is par!

          • Rus

            “Musto” , some unnecessary words there, thanks! I may have been in the final before but this year we had a shocker. Still happy to admit we were beaten by better crews though, NOT the weather. So your comments were a little off the mark.

            It s great that your looking for ways to develop the sport. You ve got some interesting ideas. Just saying I like the championships just the way they are. Only my opinion.

          • Musto

            Thankyou for the reply Rus, and apologies for the tone. My use of the word ‘you’ should really have been ‘a crew’, I wasn’t really aiming it all at you!

            I love the event too but the potential for weather to hold the racing to ransom is always lurking there and the impact is magnified by the fact that there are so many crews training to such a high level and racing so closely.


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