Leagues is it time?

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Is it time we looked at scrapping the mens and ladies As and Bs for leagues along the same lines as the Scillies racing?

With clubs having a good number of members one year and poor the next would a league style system give crews a far better way in which to compete. Allowing crews to be pitched against crews of the same standard and progress rather than a make do A crew (full of vets) having to compete at A crews and coming near the back?

I believe that a league system will help crews grow and not to feel worthless after racing to the best of their abilities in a race that they should never be in! After all as an organisation we have over 60 clubs now, not 12 so why are we competing in the same way we did 20 years ago?

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  1. Musto

    Do you mean something like developing this further – http://gigrower.co.uk/rowing-league/ ?

    At last count, assuming the WPGC fleet is most of the “race fleet”, then nearly 10% of gig rowers are already members of the Gig Rower League. It’s free and open to everyone to take part.

    By the way, hope you weren’t referring to all “make do” A-crews full of vets coming in near the back, the vets crew I’m in was 6th at Paignton in the “A” races…

  2. Adam

    I couldn’t agree more. At Paignton,our Men’s B won by 30 seconds; they would have been joint 4th in Men’s A. Seeding crews according to ability in relation to all other crews rather than their rank within their own club makes much more sense.

  3. Charlotte Roberts

    Firstly, I wouldn’t discredit the ability of veteran rowers, at Mounts Bay we have 3 in our ladies A crew who won on Saturday. Secondly, I agree with the theory and I believe Scillies provides not only the fairest racing but also the most exciting and challenging due to everyone being in the same race. However my only concern would be that come the closing stages of the Tribute competition, crews would mix up and put A rowers in the B crews in order to secure a better overall positions. You would have to go down the route of registering rowers or stating that once you have rowed in an A race at a Tribute you are not allowed to row in a B crew.

  4. Willing but unable

    I wasn’t trying to discredit the ability of veterans, I’m just trying to highlight that clubs have ups and downs, which is to be expected.

    As an association do we cater for this I feel that we don’t!

    If you are a new club you have the ability for one season to row your crews in the B races so that you don’t get disheartened, but an established club that may have had an internal dispute and is left with just 6 rowers (Say 3 novices and 3 vets) has to compete in the A race?

    If we used a league style system with one race at the beginning of the year and then heats being derived from this would promote a better standard of racing as you would always race against a similar standard of crew this would progress the top two crews to the next heat and demote the last two crews.

    I’m betting that people would enjoy the racing more as it would be tight every week.

    Charlotte I don’t think it would matter about crews swapping as this happens now.

  5. Sam

    Agree this would be a good direction to head in but it would mean clubs taking more gigs to events…

    The current set up allows for a club to take just the one race boat and still enter all the races (except ‘C’ crews, but only a few clubs manage this anyway). If every club was taking 2 gigs to facilitate their A and B crews competing against each other, venues such as Rame would struggle to cope with amount of gigs.

  6. si

    Completely agree with this; like Sam said as long as you can work out a system that doesn’t mean every club attending brings a boat per crew! This approach might, just might….. mean tribute events are held at sensible places with large beaches that are easily accessible for all (kit, rowers and spectators), it might even help increase the numbers of people just attending as spectators!

    The overwhelming popularity of the sport in the last 12 years has unfortunately prevented smaller venues from really holding large numbers of gigs!!!! There are only a few places on the south coast that can cater for 30 plus gigs (i.e. falmouth, pentewen, mounts bay, paignton and weymouth are the most common ones).

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