2 wheel trailer safety

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I was up in London for the Jubilee Pageant, while there I saw a gig trailer with a four wheel set up. The wheels were close together, in about the same place as a normal two wheel trailer. I was towing back to Cornwall with our standard two wheel trailer and was thinking about the benefits of four wheels. A two wheel unit appears to have no margin or safety if either of the tyres blows out or quickly deflates. On a normal road at low speed this might be manageable, but on a motorway the driver would have a significant challenge. Does anyone know more about this? Why do we use two wheel units on our trailers? Are they easily replaceable with four wheel ones? Has anyone had experience of a rapid deflation while towing a gig?

On a happier note, the pageant was brilliant!


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  1. Terry Bowden

    Okay fella,

    Our gig trailer has two wheels and I had to remove a wheel to loosen of the drum brake after the mechanism collapsed inside…absolute nightmare!

    The reason because the frame of the trailer came down over the wheel by a good 5-6 inches. I had to deflate the tyre + jack the same side up hell of way just to take the wheel off…luckily the gig was not loaded ontop.

    Best check your gig trailer with the points I’ve noted.

    Luckily we have not had a puncture and I hope in a big way we never have a flat.

    Best bet is to find a local garage but think about your trailer..

    Is the chassis covering the wheel or do you have an arch? This will decide if you can fit an extra 2 wheels inside.

    All the best


  2. Terry

    It was our trialer you have mentioned, when we ordered this trailer we took the decsion on x4 wheels for the reasons you have mentioned.

    The other benifit is, that it is a far smoother and stable tow with reduced bouncing on the ball hitch.

    I would recomend any club purchasing a new trailer to consider going for X4 wheels.

    Rgds Steve
    Cotehele Quay Gig Club

  3. colin stuckey

    Now what really need folks is how us younger folk with the new driving licences (Post 1999 ish) stand with regard to the legalities of towing such a heavy trailer and weather it would be covered.

    any body know?

    it could get expensive for clubs if they have to start putting people through trailer tests as the membership eventually gets younger!

      • All cars have various towing capacities, the towing capacity for your vehicle will be shown in the manufacturers handbook and will vary from a braked trailer to un-braked trailer.
        Most modern cars vary between 1,500kg to 1,700kg towing capacity on a braked trailer. Most gig and trailers fall under 1.500kg if in doubt there are public weighbridges available.
        If you are unsure if your license covers you for towing, you can check on the link below as to what entailments you need on your license .


        Hope this helps

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