Scilly Gig Chairman Appeals to Islanders to Keep Prices Down

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Rick Persich is appealing to businesses on Scilly not to hike food, drink and accommodation prices during the Championship weekend.

Rick has urged local businesses to “not kill the goose that lays the golden egg”, urging them to keep prices at a reasonable level. Despite laws of Supply and demand he wants islanders to recognise about the potential consequences price rises may have. He went on to add that the championships bring a lot of money to the islands, at a time of year when tourism is naturally poor.

‘Long term security’

The World Pilot Gig Championship organising committee chairman warns the islanders that in long term, raising prices could damage the security of the event being held on such a large scale on the islands.

For sometime now there has been debate about the prices of the Championships and the sustainability for some people attending year on year. Rick has spoken to the Cornish Association and other clubs with potential facilities to hold such an event. They have assured Rick they don’t intend to rival Scilly.

Rick claims the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company are doing their bit by lowering the freight charges from £305 to £132 per gig. He met with Steamship company chairman Andrew May to discuss mainland clubs concerns with their race boats being stuck on Scilly for up to 5 months a year. The Steamship Company, WPGC & CPGA are still in talks over this issue.

There is expected to be 125 boats lined up on this years start line, just 2 fewer than 2011. However, only 107 gigs are currently registered from the mainland for the event.

Discussing the event, Rick predicts that Caradon will once again regain the title this year with their new boat. The curved start line will remain the same for the St Agnes race.

New additions to the Championships this year include a new podium made of aluminum and a new shaped menu for the tunnel catering. The menu will include more carb based meals like meat pies and pasties and will feature less items such as salad.

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  1. MAP

    About time too, somebody from the islands speaking common sense. Beer leaves a nasty taste in the mouth when you know it was cheaper the day before, or your paying more than the chap next to you. Do try the Old Town Inn, their prices don’t change for the weekend, only 15 mins walk from Hugh Town and the beer is good too.

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