Gig Championships not moving :: Rick Persich

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Rick Persich says Isles of Scilly own the trademark “World Pilot Gig Championships”, it cannot be held anywhere except the for the Isles of Scilly.

However Kevin Sherris, vice president of the organising committee says whilst he has an affection for the championships being on the Islands, he would not object if it went to the mainland for a year.

Claims from the Gig Rowing community that the championships could be held in Weymouth have been dismissed by Rich Persich, he continued to say that as long as he’s in charge, the championships will not move.

Persich agrees Weymouth or another club could hold a large scale event but not with the same name.

Persich admits that the cost for some is becoming hard to bear, but he claims that the not for profit championships team are working as hard as they can to keep costs down.

Source: Quotes also lifted from here.

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  1. Russell

    Is that really the best way to encourage the WPGC to remain in the scillies?! It does smack of “it’s my ball and you’ll only play to my rules”! I love the championships in the scillies and would support them as much as I could for as long as I could – but don’t start telling us we have to, because you registered the name, that’s just naivety gone mad. If the crews can’t afford to go, and a well run, well attended, alternative is available at a lower cost, they will go there – whatever it ended up being called! Encouragement over bullishness Mr Persich!

  2. There’s a certain romance about the Scillies that you cannot get anywhere else, yes it is a very expensive weekend but I don’t think that if it were held in Weymouth that would suddenly make it a lot cheaper. You still have to travel there and pay for accommodation etc. And something tells me it just wouldn’t have nearly the same atmosphere. Although Mr Persich has come across quite arrogant and bullish I believe he’s got good reason it can’t be easy to organise arguably the best sporting event of the year.

  3. Mike

    Yes the I.O.S. are a special place, Thats if it’s not foggy or windy, It’s not so special when you watch the landlady in the Scillonian putting little stickers on the beer pumps with two prices on them, one for islanders ond one for mainlanders However the championships are not a Cpga event so if it went else where it could be called the CPGA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Other major advantages would be that you arrive on the day of the races with your boat, then on Sunday take it home again giving the CPGA an extra 6 weekends for more regattas

    • In total agreement that just because I.O.S. own the trademark to ‘WPGC’ does not mean an equally sized competition couldn’t be held with a similar name.

      I wonder how people would feel about a CPGA world champs held on the mainland once every four years?

    • Jim

      Don’t forget that the Scillonian is basically a social club. If you’re a member then you pay member’s prices, and nearly all members will of course be locals. This is the same at any time of year, not just for the Champs.

  4. sam

    i think there are many reasons why the Scillies seam like the best place, i mean where else in the UK can you line up 130 or so gigs along the roads and on the beaches and the greens, where they wont be tampered with? (or where the clubs are happy to leave the boats out like they are on the islands) also a large group of the rowers are from the islands – would they all go over to the mainland? i also does the community and the economy of the islands good to have the races there. Im not saying that they shouldn’t be moved, but where would you get the security of the boats on the mainland?

  5. Elle

    Why is Weymouth being suggested as an alternative venue? Nice as it is -I doubt Weymouth have ever mentioned it… and they already host a great regatta weekend of thier own.

    • I think it is because they hold big sailing regattas and are said to have ‘Olympic facilities’. Whether or not that means they can or would want to hold a large scale gig rowing event I don’t know

    • Musto

      More to do with people thinking about venues throughout the UK (and beyond) that could host a major open-water rowing competition. The “Weymouth” tag has been used extensively as most people are aware of the infrastructure and facilities there, at no point has Weymouth rowing club said they’re looking to host the “Worlds”.

      Most of the following locations also already support major national and international rowing, sailing and powerboat championships.

      Isles of Scilly (obviously)

  6. Tim

    I to believe the Scillies is a great venue but how can it be a “World” championship when it is held in the same place year after year. If it is a real World sport it should be opened up to everywhere. How about Holland? I think the Scillies should just be a standard race weekend same as any other and the World Championships should be distributed. It would bring some much needed support to local Cornish or Devon communities and business’s as well.

  7. Simon

    How can you have a world championships held at the same venue? It’s not fair on the Dutch. If gig rowing continues to grew at the present rate, the ferry will be taking gigs over in December and clubs will be without their gigs for 6 months-rediculous. Unless they restrict it the number of gigs like other championships. So two choices, different venues or restrict entrants. Even if another venue is used, eventually, they will have to restrict numbers if the sport continues to grow.

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