Gig Rower racing league launched

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As some of you will know, especially those who’ve taken part in the GigRower “GR” cycle rides around various parts of the Westcountry, we’ve been working on an online league system for rowers (rather than crews, boats or whole clubs). Get to see how you compare against other gig rowers right across the fleet.

So, read on at, sign-up and join it. It’s free, simply follows the results of the racing season, and we’ll be developing the format further if it proves successful. As soon as results start coming in the league rankings will be published.

The GigRower team.

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  1. Nick

    How about a junior class, my daughter and her friend competed in the 3 Rivers and they are only 16?

    Not sure about how the whole Child Protection thing works with this…but just an idea.


    • Musto

      Good suggestion Nick, we’re just double-checking what extra levels of parental confirmation are needed for under 18’s to join in.

      In my mind there should be recognition for 16-18 “Colts” as well as younger rowers at events, under 12’s, 12-14, 14-16 etc.

      There is an issue where junior girls are potentially discouraged from competing in “all-comers” junior races by being at a disadvantage once boys start to bulk up as they get older.

      The league is able to support multiple age classes for junior rowers and recognising all boys, all girls and mixed crews.

  2. Dan

    Vets (40+) are advantaged in this as they get the opportunity to row twice in all events and even three times if they are in mixed too. This won’t show who is a better rower but merely the ones with more opportunities to row. It only a bit of fun I know but just making the point.

    • Musto

      Thanks Dan, point noted and it only affects the overall “OPEN” section of the league. I think an extra feature for the OPEN section will be to show the number of races that the rower competed in and possibly average or weight it? But, the league is meant to be about the rowers and if someone can put in lots of strong performances then although they might not be the “best rower”, they score highest as the “best league member”. It’s all about encouraging and recognising participation.

      Another mitigating factor is that at lots of events you might get 30+ “OPEN” crews but a much smaller VET40 entry so there are opportunities for more points for the OPEN fleet. Just make sure you do well in OPEN and MIXED races then be the COX for any VET races and pick up their points 😉

      The sub sections “SENIOR (18-29)”, “VET30” and “VET40” aren’t affected and should more accurately reflect how you’re performing against your peers. We may as well add “VET50” and “VET60” segments as well ?

      Let’s see how it develops over the season and whether a solid model emerges. At the moment you’re sitting pretty at the top of the “OPEN” and “VET30” fleets. Nice one! (correction, you were, Mr Halliday now…)

  3. Musto

    Further to requests for more age groups, Vet50 and Vet60 groups have now been added to the Gig Rower league.

    OPEN (all)
    SENIOR (18-29)
    VET30 (30-39)
    VET40 (40-49)
    VET50 (50-59)
    VET60 (60+)

  4. Musto

    Today’s league updates – rower scoring system revised to take full position in event into account, not just the relative difference between GRL members.

    Club ranking (which is experimental in any case!), has been revised to stop the ranking being skewed by lots of results from one or two clubs. Seems to better reflect the actual state of play so be sure to send in your results!

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