Can you help Swanage sail their Gig?

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I am writing on behalf of Swanage Sea Rowing Club.  We have a sailing rig for one of our gigs and would be keen to start making regular use of it.  Unfortunately, although we have a number of sailors in the club we have nobody with experience of sailing a gig or even using other lug rigs.

We would appreciate some instruction on setting up and using the sailing rig from one of the clubs that do sail regularly, rather than learning by trial and error.

I would be grateful if you could post this request on the Gig Rower website and/or put us in touch with anyone that could help out – my email address is  We could be flexible on the practical arrangements for any training sessions.

Many thanks,


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  1. John Bray

    Hullo, Andrew.

    Here at Devoran we do enjoy playing with and occasionally racing Fear Not under sail. We certainly wouldn’t claim to be experts, but if you felt like ringing me on 01872 864254 or 07811332070 I’d be happy to talk through any queries you might have regarding rigging or sailing the boat or pass on contact details of the other regular sailing crew members for the same purpose.

    They are quite idiosyncratic boats to sail, but fantastic fun, especially in a good breeze!

    Of course if you ever found yourselves in the area of Carrick Roads it might be possible to meet up for a more hands on session.

    • Andrew Squibb

      Hi Colin and John,

      Thanks very much for the replies and sorry for my slow response. That will be a great help, I’ll be in touch!



  2. Colin

    Hi Andrew

    I have forwarded your message to our sailing crew, who will hopefully contact you.

    At Devoran Gig Club we reacquainted ourselves with gig sailing earlier this year, and now regularly sail Fear Not up and down the Carrick Roads.

    We also raced in the Falmouth Classics (coming second in class, and beating Truro who were the only other gig), and I very much hope we shall be sailing at Scillies in May!


  3. Hi Andrew…
    I think we may have met and spoken about this before. We too, at Bristol, are looking to start sailing one of our gigs. It would be interesting to see how things progess down there in Swanage.
    I am there, in Swanage, over New Year, If you are about we could maybe discuss further over a beer !?!?!
    Jerry (Bristol Mens Vets)

  4. Elwyn Jones

    We sail Royal (Truro Gig Club) at Scillies and Falmouth Classics. If you bring your rig to Scillies and make contact, we could take you for a sail on the Friday am and take a look at your rig to check that everything is in order. This is unlike sailing anything else and takes some doing especially in any wind -20knts+. It is also very easy to do significant damage to your boat if you get it wrong – ask Helford.!!!
    Elwyn Jones 07836 278814

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