Seeded Straight Line Race for Vets in Scilly ?

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Should there be a straight line TOP 12 Vets Final on Saturday morning ?

With the vets race at Scilly becoming increasingly competitive and with vets crews training harder for the race every year, is there a discussion to be had about putting on a straight line race on Saturday morning ? and if so is it possible ?


  • As we all know the long race is very susceptible to tides, line bias, wind etc
  • The race boats are not being used on Saturday morning
  • There is nothing else going on until the Scillonian gets in
  • All the rowers are already there
  • You could also have a race for the increasingly popular super vets
  • Fair race for top vets crews
  • Ladies and mens sprint race


  • No drinking on Sat night for top crews

Let us know your thoughts ?

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  1. Milbo

    I’m not one yet, But love the idea of Super Vets race. Still wouldnt want to loose the Friday night vets specticle, but definately room for a Super Vets Saturday Moring (with both 50+ & 60+ catogaries).

    • LOCKY

      Supervets would be a great idea. Our SV crew adds up to 342years and we often have to row against a boat that adds up to 240years. And beat them some time. More people every year move up to supervets yet there is no REAL category at most regattas. And rowing in the same race as the vets is duplicity for most. More supervets I say

  2. Sue

    The Friday night vets race signals the start of the whole weekend it’s a very special race for a lot of people and wrapped up in it is all the excitement and expectations of the weekend With the sun going down it’s a very special race to take part in and to watch. Agree that a straight race for super vets would be good on the Saturday morning because of tides and conditions.

  3. Gavin

    Great idea – we’d deffo like to separate out the super vets. We’re training hard all winter and a race where you can see your competition would be great. 50+ and 60+ categories also an innovate idea. We’ve got to accept that racing is popular right through the age range and move the event with the times.

  4. Des

    I don’t think that Vets races on Saturday is a good idea. As a Super Vet, I can’t say that I relish the idea of 2 St. Agnes races on one day, especially within a few hours of each other! What time would the Vets races start?? Too early and breakfast would be at 3am (or thereabouts), too late and the main races would end up being delayed, pushing the Nut Rock race later into the evening. It might be a good idea for those that are only taking part in the Vets racing but not for those that are competing over the whole weekend.

  5. shaun

    im all for havin a vets heat race on the saturday morning, still keeping the long race on the friday night wich puts you into heats for a seeded saturday morning final ncluding all crews in 3 or 4 heats. but the only way i can see it hapening is if the main saturday race is moved to the afternoon (st agnes race) leaving 2 heat races (nut rock) on the sunday, meaning the main event will be 3 races in total 1 long on saturday and two heats on sunday. and the vets will be 1 long race on friday and 1 short race on saturday ???

    just my thoughts !

  6. Matt

    I like the idea of a straight line race for the vets in the scillys because the main race on saturday/sunday for the U40’s Ladies/mens would not be affected. If this idea is to be put into action, the IOS world champs committe would need to approve this before it could go ahead (maybe in a few years time)

    I guess most of the ‘top’ crews would be prepared not to drink on the saturday night.

  7. Musto

    The Friday night ladies and mens veterans races are a great spectacle but the long race can be a bit of a lottery. The top 10 vets is closely contested and one foul-up means the end of the event and with no chance to recover (unlike the open event). I like the idea of a “TOP 12” sprint finals on the Saturday morning for the ultimate veterans prize (for only the top 12 vets crews from each sex). Gives the organisers a chance to test the sprint course as well.

    Yes, racing Saturday morning and then again in the long seeding race of the “open” is a potential issue but vets have the endurance needed(!), and, witness events such as MPM where you do two 35+ min. races in quick succession.

  8. pete

    how many races do you want to row over a weekend..?
    friday night is vets night – the top 10 are seeded into the middle of the line so these crews get as equal a footing as possible..the rest are rowing for the love of it.
    last year the vets race was won from a position outside this top 10 but thats because the previous years vets crew came 11th or 12th so werent seeded…however for 2011 a new crew came in and next year this crew will be seeded….
    thing is the crew went on to come 7th overall…so under this idea they would have to row st agnes fri night, nut rock (final) sat morning, st agnes again sat afternoon..nut rock sat evening then sunday 2x nut rocks?..sort of puts added pressure on our old bones…

  9. Anything that gets us (Vets/Supervets) more races is welcome to us. We attend as a Vet crew/s and only race once Friday night, and are then excluded form the main event as our club has only 2 boats and our A and B crews use them Sat/Sun, fair enough. So quite a lot of time effort expended to get there for (currently) just the one race. So, if there was any way all Vets (not just top 12??) could also do heats on Sat/Sun, separately, would be ideal for us.

    • Hutch

      if there has to be a straight line race then I suggest it is from the end of the quay (just past the Harbour Masters office) to the front bar at the Mermaid.

      The following day shorter races can be held. Firstly from the Mermaid to the Atlantic and later that day from the Atlantic to Bishop and Wolf.

      The final sprint can be on Sunday from Bishop and Wolf to the Scillonian club (via the chip shop).

      At Helford we have been training all over Christmas for this event, and as supervets we are confident we will come in the top 90

  10. Rus

    As things stand with the one vets race, a lot of vets are still more then capable of rowing well for the rest of the weekend with their respective rep crews. However I know some vets are asked to make the decision which crew they are going to commit to, vets or A crew, and stick to one. Understandably a crew competing for a top spot may not wish to have a vet onboard that emptied their tanks already in friday s race. I think that if vet s were expected to row more races then more of them would be expected to decide which crew to commit to, Vets or A Crew for example. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a tough choice for a vet.

  11. Lucy

    Sounds like a good idea to extend the opportunity to race over the weekend, though some vets who are also in squad crews and so racing Saturday / Sunday may disagree! Also would make Saturday a very long day if we’re to fit 5 races in one day.

  12. Gill

    A sprint finish for Vets on Saturday morning is an attractive prospect and for those rowing Vets only would make it more akin to the main competition and make the journey even more worthwhile. Probably too late for this year as some clubs have started the selection process and this is likely to affect the Vets only / Vets and main competition decision and could throw some clubs into a bit of disarray at this stage but certainly worth considering for the future. Sure some of us are up for all those races in one weekend but it’s selectors and other crew members that you may have to convince!!

  13. Sarah

    I agree to a certain amount, however our club would not run if it wasnt for the VET’s crew so we would be at a major disadvantage if this was to occur. Being just 25 and the youngest in the boat I know I would not be so happy that I knew that part of the crew might be exhausted already. The sport is an ageing sport it would make more of a spectacle but I dont think it would benefit the event.
    Of course this could encourage clubs to do more to encourage their youth development.But alot of small clubs would suffer from this as young people tend to leave!!!

  14. All food for thought to restructure some of the races.
    This has been done before as the original Scilly races consisted of just three races for the weekend St Agnes, Nut rock and the old wreck race starting somewhere near the Azores.
    The switch to the current format has worked for some years now and the pressure to hold a vets race was taken on board by the Scillies. The Friday night was originally a free for all race and went down well after a few pints on the Scillonain and laid down a few markers for all the competitive crews.
    The first couple of times the vets were introduced it was raced on Saturday between the St Agnes and Nut rock races
    Then with more rowers committed to Vets racing it was changed to Friday night and we let the ladies take part as well!
    With so many crews and the sport seeing an ever upward spiral perhaps it is time review the weekends rowing and let the youth have their day with vets crews being encouraged to have their own full 4 race format for the weekend.
    The one long race can still be run and it may be a bit of a logistical nightmare to sort out the initail nut rock race but once done the same number of races would remain for every crew. Either in a Vets category of say 60 gigs and 60 gigs challenging for the top honours.
    Vets can choose if they want to row in either category but the high number of Vets and Svets would promote the sport.
    This would then allow the Scillies to revert to the more free for all fun race on the Friday night.

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