Newquay Men's :: Results

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Newquay Mens 2011 – overall results.

Newquay Mens 2011 – quarter final and semi final standings.











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      • Alan

        I think there are a few reasons entries were down this year. Some were inevitable given the change of date, others, maybe need to be looked at.
        1) Clash of the original date with London River Race. I’m not sure whether any crews that chose to do the river race were allowed to enter the re-scheduled championships (or even asked to).

        2) The cancellation of the original date meant that many rowers had planned holidays or other events outside of rowing thinking that 3 weeks after the original date should have been plenty of time for any rescheduling.

        3) Many crews only get one or two races at Newquay. On an entry of 96, 48 will only get one row, 72 will only get 2 rows. Is that really a championship event that caters for the masses of the sport? For the top clubs, Saturday is just a matter of turning up and rowing your races, there is no real chance of going out. The real action doesn’t start until Sunday. The event needs a re-think to ensure that it remains as a ‘premier event’ for clubs outside of the top 20.
        I agree that as this year proved, Newquay does provide the crews with unique and supreme challenges, that really test crews. But I think that with only 7 races being rowed on Sunday, there is plenty of scope for an enhanced plate competition that could give other crews something to row for.

  1. Steve

    Due to championships being postponed this year, many crews had to reshuffle rowers. In light of this it would have been nice if the committee had made some allowences in exceptional circumstances. I am referring to Caradon C crew qualifing into the semi finals, but not being allowed to row, due to one crew member having to leave at 13:00 for work commitments. In previous years a crew in this situation, have been allowed to continue with a non rowing passenger. I feel the dicission made on the day does nothing to encourage the up and coming generation of rowers in this sport.

    • Musto

      Falmouth C qualified on time by being in the “fastest 8 losers” in the quarter finals by the looks of it. DSQ of Flushing & Mylor A, and withdrawl of Caradon C meant Ilfracombe and Padstow made it through into the semis…

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