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Dear all,

I am writing this e-mail on behalf of Newquay Rowing Club in response to numerous queries and comments recieved by ourselves and the CPGA in relation to the recent postponement of the Juniors and Mens County Championshiop Events.

Due to the massive amount of swell which developed over the ladies weekend, this reduced the time when we could launch and return boats to the harbour safely to a certain time window, making it impossible to both complete the ladies competition and hold the Under 16’s racing in the time available on the second day. Although the sea conditions, once at sea, were fine for ladies crews to row, we did not feel that some of the junior crews would be able to cope with the weather to the same extent and therefore, for a combination of reasons, it was decided to postpone the Under 16’s competition to the men’s weekend on 18th September.

Following a general trend of bad weather which seems to have plagued the gig rowing season for 2011, we regretfully made the decision to cancel the men’s weekend from the weather forecast, giving a good amount of notice for those who were travelling from far a field. This was not a decision which was taken lightly but was one which proved wholely appropriate as the conditions were not favourable for those less experienced rowers on the Saturday, nor rowable at all on the Sunday.

Over it’s forty year history, the mens championships has only been cancelled twice – in 1975 and 1983 (both due to inclement weather conditions) and the ladies in 1983. Some people have queried the reason for the new dates which have been scheduled. The reason for the Men’s dates of 8th and 9th October is that the tide will be in for most of the day. Low water is at 9.59am and the water will not leave the harbour, so we can row for the rest of the day with the tide in. Therefore, the competition will not be affected as much by the sea conditions and weather.

As the Under 16’s event has already been postponed twice, we wanted to ensure that there is absolutely no chance of it happening again! Especially as there are some sea conditions that we would allow mens crews to compete in that some junior crews may struggle with. This is why we decided to move the event to the lake at Stithians (where we do a lot of our winter training). There is a launching fee levied at the lake, which Newquay Rowing Club will cover in full (please note that we do not charge any entry fees for this event or any other). The choice of date was to comply with booking availability at the lake (we could not use the lake as a backup in the hope of rowing at Newquay, as a firm booking had to be made and confirmed).

I hope that this will go some way to answering your queries. I am attaching details for the juniors event on 2nd October and have my fingers crossed for glorious sunshine and gentle breezes for the forthcoming championship events.

Kind Regards

Lucy Emmett, Rowing Secretary, Newquay Rowing Club

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  1. matty

    does anybody know if there is a backup venue for the mens weekend looks like west norwest strong again or has no lessons been lernt

  2. Milbo

    Fingers crossed for the weather saturday. Really looking forward to it. I heard a runour that heats were to be redrawn as some crews had withdrawn? Is this just grape vine whispers again or has there been a re-draw of the heats?

    Thanks if anyone can advise accordingly

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