Newquay Championships :: Postponed

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Message from the NRC : “Both the Mens and the Juniors Championships have been POSTPONED
The reschedule dates are :
Juniors – Sunday 2nd October – Stithians Lake, more info to follow.
Mens – Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October at Newquay.
The decision has not been made lightly.”


A shame the championships have been postponed, if you’re missing a fix of Newquay Harbour action, check out the live feed from

As much as forecast, conditions and tides may be conspiring against the event, have we reached the stage where the gig racing fleet has outgrown certain venues?

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  1. Celia

    Looks nice and calm this morning! I can understand the CPGA’s caution but I thought a decision on the Men’s was going to be made by mid-afternoon today, rather than last night.

    What happens with the loaning of boats? Do clubs have to take them to Stithians even if they haven’t got a Junior crew attending I wonder?

    • Musto

      Can we add that although all the emails and tweets have been from CPGA, it was NRC’s decision to postpone the event…

      Regardless, a shame no back up plan / reserve location for a flagship event with nearly 600 participants, as lots of travel, accommodation and availability plans affected.

  2. Matthew Pinney

    I am just going to have to go and enjoy the america’s cup down in Plymouth tomorrow instead of rowing down in Newquay. Newquay Rowing Club please could you make sure this does not happen next year?

    Does the cancellation of NCC mean that the races planned for 8th October will have to moved or cancelled as well to make way for the racing down in Newquay Harbour, does anyone know?


  3. Dylan

    I for one am a bit disappointed with the news, but I can understand NRC’s concerns given the current forecast for the weekend. However it does beg the question, as a “county championship” should there be a back up plan/venue to prevent this from happening again, and why has been pushed on three weeks instead of one?

    Another thing that should cause a bit of concern is the decision to hold the juniors at stithians which would be completely ludicrous at the current height of the water, never mind fitting 6 boats across, you could just about fit 2! I think other options such as sibleyback reservoir or Saltash need to be considered to ensure this event goes ahead with as little disruption as possible.

    Hey ho! See you all in three weeks!

  4. There are 6 rowers in a crew. If a crew trains 5 times a week for 1.5 hours (some crews will train more, some less) this means each rower is training for 7.5 hours a week, meaning the cumulative training time for a crew, each week, is 45 hours. Over six weeks, this is 270 hours worth of training for one crew.

    There are 79 mens crews (nearly 500 rowers plus 79 coxes) who have been training for Newquay.

    This is over 21,000 training hours in total across the fleet.

    We take our sport seriously and all of us make huge sacrifices for it which no one begrudges. Friends, family and work are all put on the back burner.

    It seems that the way in which the sport is run is not keeping pace with the rapidly increasing professionalism of the crews. This is not intended as a criticism, it’s only an observation from the outside looking in.

    We have huge amounts of time being dedicated to the sport and yet we do not have a something as simple as a set start procedure for each race – “back up, back up, go!” is no way to fairly start a race and does not do justice to the levels of training crews are putting in.

    I fully understand that the we can’t control the weather. We can however control whether we have a contingency plan in place.

    Maybe there is an argument to say that as crews become more professional so should the governing body of the sport. Are paid positions, funded by a nominal subsidy from every registered rower, the answer? The truth is, I don’t know and I certainly don’t envy the job the CPGA have to do, it’s impossible to keep everybody happy.

    However, it seems this weekend has once again highlighted flaws in the way the sport is being run – would it have been too difficult to have an alternative venue?

    Gig rowing is a fantastic sport and blessed with a wonderful community of participants and supporters. Surely we owe it to ourselves not to let each other down?

  5. nev

    Not looking too bad sat morning but obviously things can change.
    having said that why cancel (i say cancel because for many who have worked hard it is all over) Why postpone two days before, they’ll say people have to travel along way, well sorry thats a chance you take , i should think everybody in Cornwall could be at Newquay given 1-2 hours notice it is the county champs after all. i don’t want to come across xenophobic but surely the majority are in Cornwall and the needs of etc.
    Our friends from afar have worked hard too and are prepared to travel and make sacrifices so will be as annoyed as the rest of us. maybe they would appreciate a B plan
    The decision i’m sure was not made easily and those who have made it will be expecting criticism. but it was the same decision as always, if too bad try again in a couple of weeks IS THERE NO ALTERNATIVE?

    • Musto

      Sounds good to me. Some ideas…

      1. Pick neap tide weekends (or launch site unaffected by tide).
      2. Pick a backup location.
      3. £30 entry fee per crew.
      4. Progression system based on result place not timings.
      5. Multiple finals to recognise more crews and encourage participation for whole weekend.
      6. GPS tracking system in each boat, live race coverage over internet.
      7. After event running costs are deducted, any surplus generated from entry fees, bar, food, refreshments, merchandise etc. to be split equally between the clubs providing the race boats.

      • Adam

        Every point stated above would improve the Championships we currently attend.

        Inclusive of everyone, meaning more races for all crews whilst ensuring fairness and logical progressions for the top crews.

        The idea to reward the crews who lend their boats rather than use them and offer nothing in return is excellent, as is the inclusion of broadcasting and additional use of technology.

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