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As announced at the Ladies Championships at Newquay, the CPGA is asking clubs and members to put their thoughts to filling in a questionnaire by the 10th of September 2011 for the purpose of gathering opinions on future CPGA championships. The polls below, although similar questions, allow you to see how some might vote and to discus the options. To formally submit your votes, be sure to send the paper form to the CPGA or electronically to cpgaracing@aol.co.uk

The poll below is NOT the official CPGA poll but GigRower has added a few extra options and comments as raised by readers of this site at events and online through the season. If you have more general comments please add them below as a basis for discussion.

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  1. Ottie

    With regard to the tribute series events, please bear in mind that people from the Lizard area in the 2011 season had to travel over 2 hours (each way) every weekend for 5 weeks during the busy summer.
    This historically is one of the only sports that the Cornish are not penalised on the distance to travel. It would be appreciated if the CPGA could ensure that this remains.

  2. Milbo

    Agree with Ottie, coming from the second most westerly club in mainland Britain. Travel time (2hrs+ to all events)and costs were very prohibitive. We attended Rame & Looe, but Paignton & Weymouth just not practicle for us. With Meva cancelled, we suffer in final placings. The far West as a wholed suffered this year as few clubs abled to make the long journeys. This evidenced in final standing with only Mounts Bay & Coverack (I think) attending at least 3 events. This made whole results down the field rather meaningless and devalued the competion.

    What about splitting East and West. Each holding 3 more loacalised events. From the standings in these, top 5/10 from each region invited to a “Finals” day?

    • Jb

      As avid gig rower from the farthest county to the east of sennen or cape cornwall (bar the dutch, faroe islands, the germans and the aussies, oh and the welsh to the north) your comments so far got me thinking…
      * 2010 Mens A Top 12= 9 cornish clubs, 1 devon, 1 somerset and 1 dorset
      * 2011 Mens A Top 12= 10 cornish clubs, 1 devon, 1 dorset
      I fail to see where “The far West as a wholed suffered this year as few clubs abled to make the long journeys. This evidenced in final standing with only Mounts Bay & Coverack (I think) attending at least 3 events. This made whole results down the field rather meaningless and devalued the competion.”
      Lets be fair and include the Ladies…
      * 2010 Ladies A Top 12= 9 Cornish clubs, 2 devon, 1 dorset
      * 2011 Ladies A Top 12= 9 Cornish clubs, 2 dorset, 1 devon.
      Not much change as far as I can see. How has this “de-valued the competition”? – Darn right below the belt I feel.
      The World Championships would be a far less significant event if it weren’t for the gig community developing and embracing all other newer clubs and counties.
      IOS, Newquay, Looe, Falmouth, Meva and even Rame and Caradon are all early starts for me, I’m not loaded either but I go to compete in a fantastic competition.

      Roll On Newquay, don’t forget the alarm**

      • Milbo

        Calm down Jb and get that chip off your shoulder. You totally miss the point of my post!!

        Which is that if you have regionalise events initially and have a final of some sort, you are far more likely to get more clubs take part in the overall event which is the aim of CPGA & their sponsors.

        My coments re far west suffering are born by the fact that Hayle, St Ives & Pendeen attended 2 Starred events, Zennor, Porthleven & St Agnes 1 With Cape & Cadgewith none. These 8 Clubs form 14%(ish) of the total CPGA membership. Surely it is not too much to ask to have a starred event less than 2 hrs drive (each way) allowing people with busy family lives and work comitments to take part. As for all transport costs have rocketed and for small clubs running on a budget, this can be prohibitive.

        I in no way indicated that I was against you holding events in the east or that i disapproved of the spread of Cornish Pilot Gig. I truely believe it is fantastic that clubs far and wide too love the sport, which continues to grow in popularity and long may it continue.

        If anything your comments are below the belt, or is it nolonger allowed to have an opinion anymore??? NM

        • Jb

          Hey, no chips Milbo. We tend to feel out on a limb up here like you do. We chose a couple of years ago to attend all the Tribute’s in an effort to improve, but it’s never going to be perfect for everyone as we have discovered with our C crews, as there isn’t always a race for them. I agree with Nick. If there was a West Country Club or a joint effort that put themselves forward it would be less of an issue. Quite rightly you point out that a large majority of the clubs are in Cornwall, so the CPGA split the 5 Tribute’s; 3 in Cornwall, 1 in Devon and 1 in Dorset. They tried their best I suppose given the clubs that had offered.

  3. simon

    Sorry to say this but its the CPGA for a reason… Cornish gig rowing. I fully appreciate clubs being formed outside cornwall, but they must have their own league to race each other. Many clubs and crews make hugh sacrifices in traveling costs and time of work, families etc to travel over the whole south west. all the big races that attract the most clubs are in cornwall.

    This year paignton and weymouth provided a very good event but not all the club went due to issues i have raised above.

    Why cant there be a cornwall and devon/somerset/avon league, and meet at set events to race each other??? Or something like that….?????

    If you row for a club that has crews in the top 10 of the competition, you are highly unlikely to go to an event wihich is many miles away where no competition will be. This i feel causes many problems for the small clubs hosting events and clubs.

    I fear the sport is out growing itself very quickly and many problems have been arising over the last few years.

    • ABC

      Does CPGA represent ‘rowing gigs in cornwall’ or ‘the rowing of Cornish Pilot Gigs’whichever could be anywhere?

      An important discussion point…

    • Nick

      Well for me it’s a sport that rows Cornish Pilot Gigs and any club from anywhere should be able to join and participate….any kind of ‘splitting’ of the competitions will only lead to problems in the medium term….we all love rowing and as a community should find a way to be as inclusive as possible.

      So far as the Tribute events are concerned they are open to the entire membership of the CPGA…we should be as concerned as to the travel implications for clubs at the eastern / northern extremities as we are of the western.

      Anyway….off out for some training…it’s blowing a hooley..hope it’s not next weekend.

      • Matthew

        I agree with Nick rowing should be for anyone and everyone, gig rowing like all sports should be enjoyed.

        PGR (pilot gig rowing) is growing very rapidly and for small clubs that have small locations and are unable to have lots of clubs attend there regatta its pretty much (IO) invite only, clubs with bigger locations are lucky. Obviously when one day there will be proplems like getting every club to the world pilot gig championships and others will be an issue but not for a few years to come and i hope (us) the south-west we can over come the problem together.

        Those that have been gig rowing for a long time have seen clubs rise and fall in positions. this year i notice that everyone in the top 15 have stepped up there game. Clubs are very close when it comes to times from the tributes.

        When it comes to long distences thats up to that person if they want to travel to most of the regattas to weither it means an hour or three to get there its each to there own.

        Its a great sport for people to get the chance to win races and to have a shot at the world or county gig championships and also meeting new people at these venues.

        Newquay next week and lets enjoy this sport and continue to do so in the future.

        As part of the south west and half Cornish myself goodluck Gigging everone. 🙂

  4. Matthew Pinney

    Can’t everyone get along with each other, I really like to row for T&T Gig Club and would really like to see a Devon gig club win the men’s title at the World Pilot Gig Champs in the near future. Clubs should not be spilit up due to location, roll on next weekend it is going to be a great one down at Newquay!!!

  5. Merv

    Two things.

    Wouldn’t the IOS championships be a better experience allround if they were held later in the season when the weather conditions were likely to be improved?

    The Mixed and Vets championships is a very popular event so much so surely there’s room for a second event.

    • Nick

      The trouble is surely the IOS will be much busier with ‘normal’ tourism later in the year and getting accomodation would be far harder than it already is?

      I personally feel that this season’s format was really good. Although the Tribute events were I appreciate difficult for the West Cornwall clubs to attend…were there any West Cornwall clubs who put themselves forward to hold an event?…perhaps there should be five areas with all the clubs from each area joining together to organise the event? thereby geographically splitting the events and substantially reducing the workload on the few clubs that put themselves forward to run these ‘big’ events?

    • Matthew Pinney

      Hi merv

      If the IOS World Champs were put later in the season, then you would have to drop or cancel a different race to fit the world champs to replace it. I really like the this ‘long weekend’ in the current timetable without it being changed. Maybe larger club’s should have a cap on a number of gig’s that can be brought over to the islands e.g. more than 1/2. Does anyone think this could work?

      • Alan

        Why should a larger club be restricted in the number of crews it can enter?
        If this was to happen, the members that could not get a row would probably leave and form a new club or join other clubs, so where is the incentive for a club to develop new rowers. As it is Scilly and Newquay represent the only chances for clubs C and D crews to test themselves against everybody else.
        I’m not sure how to do it but think that we somehow need to accommodate a truly competive championship event where crews can race against crews at their own level (similar to Scilly) irrespective of category, so that we don’t have the same clubs B crews walking away with all the trophies as that does nothing to encourage other clubs. Those top B/C crews should be racing against crews of similar standard.
        I don’t believe the current Tribute format has enough to offer all clubs which may be a reason why clubs are reluctant to travel long distances, especially for just one row. How about an early start to Tribute events to allow more ‘non tribute’ races after the Tribute races have completed, like the Falmouth sprints, (but not necessarily sprints) so that people (not just Vets) get a second row?

        • Nick

          Perhaps each Tribute event should be a 2 day event…maybe only 3 per year with the second day…some kind of seeding for the next event…top 30 crews qualify to row in the ‘A’ race and next 30 the ‘B’ race…if you don’t attend then A and B crews as per normal and no chance for a C crew…therefore the rowing hungry clubs like Caradon and Falmouth would likely have all 3 crews A, B and C in the ‘A’ race but clubs that do not turn up to all events only have A and B crews.

          I don’t mind saying that as a Caradon ‘C’ crew rower I have only had the opportunity to row competitively since Scilly at Tribute events when some of the ‘B’ crew have been unavailable. Yet I have trained 2 or 3 times a week since Scilly…as Alan says if Scilly were to be restricted to A and B crews going forward then I would certainly look to join or start another club.

          (Of course….if you all wanted to row more than once per event…you could try Flashboats and Skiffs wih the CRA…I get to row 4 or 5 races per day at those regattas..Men’s 4, Senior Mixed 4, Mens Paddles, Ladies & Gents Oar Match, Men’s Cornish…..(shameless Bradders..Shameless))

  6. colin

    I think if the CPGA are going to agree to have a tribute event in weymouth (which was a really well organised event) then they need to support the club by letting the results stand for all who took part including b crews. results should not be discounted because a large number of crews could not make it, or could not be bothered to make it. This allows a large number of clubs effectively to boycot events which they don’t fancy going to because they are a bit too far away. The CPGA need to support rowing outside of Cornwall if thats what they have pledged to do. Also I believe the real growth in our sport is outside cornwall, and unless the sport is going to implode on itself this needs to be recognised and supported fully.

  7. simon

    got to agree with Nick about competing in CRA rowing. If real keen gig rowers are not getting enough rowing at events and in the season then try CRA rowing. on a normal event you row a minimum 4/5, they are slightly shorter in distance but far faster in stroke rate and less time to rest between races. keeps your fitness ticking over well.

    If you train right in CRA it will also improve your technique in a gig boat. I can only speak for Men crews, but the top 4/5 gig clubs have high proportion of experienced CRA rowers.

    Also this will help maintain and increase the popularity of this sport. Gotta remember this type of rowing has been round far longer than gig racing. You can combine the both, trust me its possible with little interferance with gig racing events.

  8. Bill

    who’s been voting for
    Five event league-style championship, best 3 results count (like 2011)

    , this has been one of the worst years for the Tribute series. And why is it called cornish gig rowing when you have 3 events out of Cornwall?

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