Newquay Ladies Championships 2011

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* newsflash * round 2 moved to Sunday 4th and juniors to men’s weekend due to delays and sea state today.
Stay tuned for results and news from the opening rounds at the 2011 Newquay Ladies Championships. First races underway at 0930 on 3rd Sept 2011 – good luck to all and see you there!

Progression is for first 2 boats from each of the 16 races in round 1 to move to round 2 plus the 16 next fastest times. Is using timing fair given the ever changing tides and winds? – Have your say at the bottom of this post or via Twitter to @_gigrower (!/_gigrower)

Round 2 progression to quarter finals is winner from each of the 8 round 2 races plus the next 16 fastest losers.

Round 1 honours :

Race 1 – Caradon A / Dutch
Race 2 – Newquay A / Zennor A
Race 3 – Fal B / Paignton A
Race 4 – Roseland B / Swanage B
Race 5 – caradon B / salcombe A
Race 6 – Swanage A / Fowey A
Race 7 – mounts bay A / hayle A
Race 8 – Fal A / coverack A
Race 9 – padstow A / cadgwith A
Race 10 – truro A / Newquay B
Race 11 – roseland A / charlestown B
Race 12 – charlestown A / Fal C
Race 13 – Weymouth A / Helford B
Race 14 – Helford A / teign A
Race 15 – salcombe B / looe A
Race 16 – cattewater A / looe C

Round 2 honours :

Race 1 – Fal B
Race 2 – caradon B
Race 3 – Swanage A
Race 4 – Truro A
Race 5 – charlestown A
Race 6 – Fal A
Race 7 – Newquay A
Race 8 – roseland A


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  1. Silverfox

    Timings make the event more fun – the smaller clubs who never win anything always feel that they have a chance to progress given a little bit of luck with tide and weather . Last year ( without timings) it was boring – many clubs arrived, had their row, finished maybe fourth and then went home! The atmosphere was dead. At least with timings you are always in with a chance of progression! Let’s have a bit of fun again!

    • Musto

      Don’t agree with you there, timings spread over such a long day and changing conditions are unfair for everybody. Witness the fact that 2011 Ladies Newquay event decided to shorten the course for round 1 races 14 and 15 and apply an arbitary formula to “correct” the times. Then, with racing abandoned, race 16 was run the following morning with completely different conditions. Who knows how many crews were affected by this?

      The issue with un-timed “cut-off” progression where X go through and Y don’t is to make sure that those that don’t go through first time at least get a second chance to race again and prove that they either were or were not capable of progressing. The first round should get the seeded and next best crews through, a second round is to find best losers and so on. In fact, I feel a GigRower article coming on…

      • ABC

        I agree with everything you have said there Musto. So far, the only races to include a ‘repechage’ system where crews get a second chance is the sprint championships that Falmouth held.

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